Aikido Training Experience at Hombu Dojo – A Class with Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba

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  1. For all the naysayers: there are no claims being made by Aikido that it is purposed for fighting or for self defence. Those are claims being made by other martial arts about Aikido. Indeed some independent dojos make such claims, but usually there are combative variations being taught in those dojos. Such variations are not taught in Hombu Dojo. The mainline purpose in Aikido training is not for fighting. There are greater things in life that fighting with other people. And it is those things that Aikido focuses on.

  2. Great video. Thanks so much. I'm sure it wasn't easy to arrange. It brought back many memories. I remember getting to about 20mins in, looking at the clock and going , "oh man, I am never going to make it to 7am". After those classes I felt so great to have finished. Especially on the few days that I made all 5 classes.

  3. Long-ranged, telegraphed, unrealistic attacks, and cooperative partners….if Hombu Dojo is exhibiting all of this, is there any real Aikido left? Please tell me that someone, somewhere, is keeping alive the legacy of a former samurai…..

  4. I have practiced Aikido myself for many years: it truly is an amazing ART*. But it has nothing to do with practical self defense: *any 6 months experienced kick boxer will win from even 5th Dan Aikidoka.

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