[Aikido Tutorial] Aikido Dojo Etiquette

This video is an introduction to some of the etiquette found in various Dojos of Aikido.

The tutorial is from a series we are making where you’ll have everything you need to know about Aikido in one place! We’ll release new parts of the video each Tuesday and in the end – a full, all encompassing Aikido Tutorial!

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So far there are these tutorials:
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Introduction to Weapons – https://youtu.be/3d7-3Vdozpw
Putting a belt/Hakama – https://youtu.be/zccF1g7lnIQ
All Aikido Techniques Introduced – https://youtu.be/aCQ1K3PMgKM
Basic Principles of All Techniques – https://youtu.be/pzmSAOFKgxQ
All Aikido Grabs and Attacks – https://youtu.be/xmxDtN60Wx0
Tai Sabaki (steps) – https://youtu.be/lbgtIH7ZhTs
Shiko (Knee Walking) – https://youtu.be/xIFFFSfYF14
Bowing in and meditation – https://youtu.be/-VN-9sb_l14
Seiza (sitting on knees) – https://youtu.be/bAJSawy-_Ys

Instructor: Rokas Leonavicius Sensei
Editing: Danguole Garškaitė
Camera: Eduardas Girjotas

Dodzo is a full time Dojo focusing on self-development through Aikido and Yoga. The Dojo is run by Sensei Rokas Leonavicius.



  1. M. Zaleski: When one shows respect in the dojo it helps to promote discipline and "internal" respect for all fellow dojo members. These rules also make it clear what to do and how to do it during class. The double clap is a good example of this. When the sensei claps her or his hands, all stop immediately and line-up for the next demonstration or instruction. It works very well.

  2. I would prefer someone having respect than showing respect. This constant bowing sounds artificial to me.
    Specially bowing and respecting tatami. I don't dig this one completely.

    Maybe I just don't like army style part of Aikido.

    For me what is important is if someone talks sense, not necessarily fact that they can throw me any way they want. I don't give respect for that to anyone. Black sheep of Aikido Steven Seagal can do it also and seems perfect example of what Aikido shouldn't look like. I actually met him and he seems same in real as on the screen.

    Thanks for the video. I like to watch them as learning a lot.

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