[Aikido Tutorial] Main Principles of All Techniques

This is another Aikido Tutorial from a series we are making where you’ll have everything you need to know about Aikido in one place! This project is going to be a big one, including explanation of Seiza, Traditions, Techniques, Attacks, Weapons and more. We will release new parts of the video each Tuesday and in the end – a full, all encompassing Aikido Tutorial!

This video contains an introduction and explanation of basic principles for all Aikido techniques!

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So far there are these tutorials:
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Tai Sabaki (steps) – https://youtu.be/lbgtIH7ZhTs
Shiko (Knee Walking) – https://youtu.be/xIFFFSfYF14
Bowing in and meditation – https://youtu.be/-VN-9sb_l14
Seiza (sitting on knees) – https://youtu.be/bAJSawy-_Ys

Instructor: Rokas Leonavicius Sensei
Uke: Martynas Martišauskis (Shodan)
Editing: Danguole Garškaitė
Camera: Eduardas Girjotas

Dodzo is a full time Dojo focusing on self-development through Aikido and Yoga. The Dojo is run by Sensei Rokas Leonavicius.

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  1. Die wichtigsten universellen Prinzipien des Aikido sind; die richtige Distanz (Mai Ai). Stark in das Zentrum des Gegners eintretten (Irimi). Aus der Angriffslinie ausweichen (Tenkan), Schlag ins Gesicht (Atemi). Stabiler Stand, der richtige Fokus um den ganzen Gegner zu erkennen. Wenn man diese Prinzipien beherrscht und verstanden hat, kann man sich verteigen ohne eine Technik anzuwenden unabhängig von der Kampfkunst oder Sportart. Wenn man sie nicht verstanden hat, sind Techniken meist nicht anwendbar. Diese Prinzipien sind universal und ebenso im MMA, Boxen, im Geschäftsleben, auch im privaten Umgang anwendbar. Sie sind universal und in dieser Aufzählung nicht vollständig.

  2. Temeli çok basittir ancak g,derek kombinleşir.Ana teknik,saldırgan it oğluitin dengesini sarsmaktır.360 derecelik bir yay etrafında bük ve fırlat!!!!gerçek ve vahşi bir dövüşte örneğin bizdeki vahşi sokak piçlerine işlemez.Keskin kenpo vuruşları,kırıcı karate ve yıldırıcı taekwondo vuruşları gerekir..türkiyedeki bir street fightte asla bir boka yaramaz.barışçıl bir sağlık ritüeli gibidir.

  3. i love aikido but i don't like it being a bit non-violent, i would homebrew my aikido by doing the basic throat takedown, i don't let go of him if he tries to stand up i push him to the ground,again,again and again……to much violences?

  4. What a joke aikido is it’s not effective at all in real time I’ve done taekwondo and boxing I’d beat any of these stupid masters what is this dancing gone wrong.

  5. 1:50 I’m sorry but I’m looking on how not to get my ass beat in a life or death situation. Partners attempt at a block already put me off, the instructors hand up… wtf is that?! You’re not blocking anything with that, left hook and he’s slumped because he wanted to look cool putting his hand out, instead of covering his head with the whole arm that he has.
    Next go to 2:52, I’m not the most versed fighter but look at the partner, his weak hand is getting grabbed by the opponents lead hand. Now the partner’s power hand is loaded up, in the right distance to clean “masters” clock. “Master” is stuck because he used his closest hand to grab the other dudes weak hand while using a lot of focus to do so. The other guy is just throwing a textbook 1-2 and will win that exchange. Guys pls look into karate to start, it keeps yours hands safe when punching and teaches timing and distance. From there go to boxing then Muay Thai and finally bjj. Learn the barebones of those styles, and you should be solid.

  6. Yeah I remember very fight I’ve been in where my attacker grab my hand before he hit me lol 😂 ( sarcasm ) my god your technique is always open and missing a lot of obvious points , I’ve never had a guy pick me that tried aikido on me but fuck seeing this I now know now that I’d have him down gasping for air in like about 2.2 seconds
    Thanks lol

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