Aikido vs Hapkido | What's The Difference?

In this video we take a brief dive into the histories of Aikido and Hapkido, what makes them similar, and what separates them. The way they were both developed, their shared roots, and changes over time are interesting to look at. By Matt Hinkamp

Song used in this video: ***Art of Silence – Breaking Copyright***



  1. Very good presentation .Totally agree with your position on not criticizing anything because of difference, schools and practioners. I study both Aikido and Hapkido both are great and supplements each other. Aikido adding more flow . I don't think Ueshiba meant for Aikido to become soft think the loss came through misunderstood concepts as it spread to the western world. Hapkido maintains its roots. The two together works well in my opinion. Thank you

  2. I studied Hapkido with an old school Grandmaster, 9th Dans in Tae Kwon Do (Ji Do Kwon), and Hapkido. He studied Hapkido with Choi, then Ji Han Jae. When I was about to test for my black belt, I also took Aikido classes in NYC, since I worked near the NY Aikikai. Years later, I took classes with a Grandmaster who only studied Hapkido with Choi and this style was extremely similar to Aikido and very different from the Hapkido I learned. To learn kicking, his students had to study Tae Kwon Do, separately, which he also taught, something that was already incorporated in my original curriculum. (the kicking, not the Tae Kwon Do)

  3. Great video, I do hapkido and BJJ. Both Aikido and Hapkido are holistic martial arts however, I find Hapkido to be more functional possibly due to the tang soo do influence. I also find Hapkido instructors are more open to outside influences.

  4. Great video as usual Matt. I did study Aikido for about a years when I lived in Shreveport (no hapkido schools there). Through aikido training, I was able to enhance my circular movement as well as gaining a deeper understanding of flow. But to what you were saying about some say hapkido is harder than aikido, I totally agree. I call hapkido "aikido's mean cousin". Keep up the great content. And we really do need to train together some time.

  5. "I hesitate calling any one art complete" Frick THANK YOU. I'm soooo tired of people hearing about one art and immediately trying to sus out "superiority" eyeroll rather than study and gleam nuance between techniques/history or learn more about body mechanics. Learning is not a game to win. Fellow Hapkido practitioner here; keep up the good content, 👍 Kyungnet

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