There are already plenty of people calling Aikido – Bullshido , yet time came to really see whether traditional Aikido works in an MMA ring.

While this video is not Aikido vs MMA as a real fight, it’s only a light sparring, it still shows how Aikido doesn’t work in this setting even when paired against an Aikido practitioner of many years. It’s a good sign that Aikido combat is not really the greatest part of Aikido effectiveness.

No matter what martial arts you pair Aikido with making an Aikido vs video, whether it will be Aikido vs MMA, Aikido vs BJJ, Aikido vs Karate, Aikido vs Judo or any other Aikido vs, it probably will always have a hard time and it Aikido’s lack in training method will leave Aikido exposed. In the end it becomes a scene of Aikido fantasy vs reality, which explains why some of the mains search words for Aikido are: Aikido fake, aikido bullshido, aikido doesn’t work, aikido gets owned, aikido gets destroyed, aikido in reality, aikido is garbage and more.

Unless we look at Aikido practical application, any Aikido vs MMA video will end up looking bad. Thus something needs to be done and that is why I’ve started a project called Aikido Quest.

After this experience I went on to train MMA full time for a full year, had an amateur MMA fight and then sparred with the same MMA fighter again. See the results here:

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Name of the song used in sparring: Nameless Warning – Spillway [Argofox]



  1. Update: for those who are seeing this video as a proof of aikido not working, MartialArtsJourney(Rokas) haves recently been talking to other aikido practitioners and have concluded that martial arts depend on the person, however they recommend to have experience in other martial arts to be prepared to get punched and punch back and use aikido has a method of deescalating a conflict,while also highlighting the importance of pressure testing and sparing

  2. I don't think Aikido is bad. I just don't see how it's expected to stand against more offensive oriented forms of martial arts. It's almost entirely devoted to using your opponents own mass against them furthermore it wasn't intended as anything but a means of self defense with a greater emphasis on harm reduction than other martial arts. I don't understand why it's being tested under circumstances it was never meant to be used with.

  3. This video is so honest. It's really admirable to take self-defense seriously because yes there is an ethical/moral problem of misleading people to think they are learning self defense. Aikido might not be bad as a sport on it's own, as exercise, as an agility and discipline practice but it may be TOO grand and a bit delusional.

  4. I'm no martial artist but my brother in law is a BJJ Black Belt, I test him all the time and it always ends up being a humbling experience LoL… It's extremely effective..

  5. This is all well and good, for an arranged fight, now get both of them to try and actually kill the other ….every single martial art fails when it comes to SELF DEFENCE against an unknown attacker, you can train for years with your class mates, you get attacked for real and you will be damned lucky to come out of it in any reasonable shape. Real fights, there are no gloves, no head protection, I've been doing martial arts foe 20+ years, 2nd Dan Sensei and I'd get my arse handed to me, or at the very least get badly hurt class training will not prepare you to defend yourself, it is a sport, with rules real life there are no rules …..and yes I have had to defend myself a few times and yes I was the "best in my class" did not make the slightest difference. You take a full force unpadded punch to the face, you'll wake up 3 days later drinking through a straw

  6. I trained in Taekwondo for 8 years and Aikido for a year and a half. I joined aikido after 5 years of Taekwondo so I had some martial arts experience. Using Aikido for self defense faded quickly but I loved doing it as the mental space I attained was nothing like I had ever experienced. I equate it for me to playing the bass guitar everyday. I have no plans to EVER be a rockstar, but I practice about as much as they do. I enjoy it.

  7. Much respect! But tbh, aikido wasn't designed to fight off opponents throwing calculated punches. It's my understanding that aikido was more designed for full on assault as in a battlefield and such where the opponent came in for a single deadly blow and you could use their momentum to flip the table (and them) in an instant. In that sense, it'd be like testing MMA on a battlefield against trained killers with swords and seeing how they hold up. Neither scenarios are testing the arts for which they were designed.

  8. That wasn't "REAL" sparing – that was MMA playing with you. I gave up 10 years of taekwondo and karate and switched to Muay Thai with grappling because it is more inclusive of different styles, and therefore works better. Aikido is too restrictive – no one system has a monopoly on what's best, and that's why MMA (a system derived from many others) has been proven to be more effective for almost 30 years.

  9. We know of course, that In aikido there is no attack, we wait the opponent's attack, that is a concept. However, I think, that there are possibilities for defensive attack, or attack with defensive purpose in aikido too. In the video I didn't see what Ueshiba would say: "when he starts to move towards me, I am already behind him". Nobody says that when he steps ahead towards you, you have to step backwards. Step forward! To his side! Push or pull him sideways! Confuse him with YOUR atemis, you CAN punch in aikido, can't you? Don't try to attack his wrist, attack his excellent concentration, surprise him. Why are you trying to grab his wrist in order to do aikido technique? (he has those gloves, which are anyway obstacles for you) Grab him anywhere! He grabbed your both legs several times: nice AIKIDO TECHNIQUE! Why YOU didn't do that? HE used aikido against you. Why are you trying to apply aikido TECHNIQUES? Apply aikido PRINCIPLES of movements and debalancing the opponent, not "clean" aikido techniques. There is no martial art which expects you to perform clean techniques which you were practicing in katas. Masters expects you to perform principles of the martial arts. He said you were all the time AFRAID OF his punches and of yourself punching him. There is no aikido technique like: "be afraid of opponents punching". Be brave, man. If you are afraid of the opponent, you are lost before the fight. Of course, MMA is about real fight all the time on every training, and has higher technical complexity with full possible range of attacks and defenses, comparing to aikido which is crippled with no harmful attacking techniques. But why are we practicing only arranged attacks up to the black belt and even later? Who says we cannot practice applying techniques against somebody who attacks continuously in unarranged way? MMA guys will probably always win, but your defense wouldn't be such a disaster as above. And on the streets the offenders are usually not MMA fighters. Why are you testing aikido with the strongest possible "enemy"?

  10. Real sparring and then you talk and talk for the whole video? If so, then women also "Sparring" while chatting to each other
    I drink coffee of them. The simple reality is that an Aikidoka cannot do anything against a mid-level MMA fighter. I say this with competence because I am 6 Dan of Shotokan Karate and also an MMA Instructor.

  11. Thing is also if you go through with an aikido/aikibudo lock in real fight situation you might permanantly injure bones ligaments and articulations. Aikudo is mostly japanese gymnastic, articulation locks and (judo throws).

  12. You are way to passive. You are even smiling during this sparring session which is very uncommon. You need to fight your own emotional state of being so passive and unconfrontational . You are a fighter, start fighting. Show some aggressive emotions. They are hiding within you begging to be released.

  13. Aikido needs a sword to win a fight and it’s a great art to practice without war. That’s how I see Aikido, but at same time we no longer fight wars with swords. To me the next step after Aikido is Juijitsu for more open hand combat and Kendo for more sword training

  14. MMA is sport, it's not self-defence, it's like football, I like football. Try Silat, it's to defend your village against an attack from another village. Use what you got, machete, knife, stick whatever is at hand, no rules when another village has come to rape and pillage your family, no rules. Learn anything of use and apply from any other martial art because this is life and death, rape and pillage. I was only told only one rule in silat, do it first and do it fast.

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