Aikido vs Straight punch(Possibility of Aikido)

Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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Shirakawa Ryuji Shihan – aikikai 6th dan, Aikido Techniques

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  1. Avec des attaques aussi complaisantes, même une simple ceinture verte s'en sortirait.
    C'est la limite de cet exercice : démonstration de techniques, pas de leur efficacité .
    Il est donc normal qu'un 6ème Dan puisse le faire en virtuose.

  2. Got 10years in Aiki and the point is that Ueshiba was a very strong and violent young man – street fighting is not difficult so long as one is fast and vicious – Aiki gives one more choice as to how violent and damaging one has to be to effectively defend oneself. Sport/points fights are different again.
    Aiki was not designed for sport, or for point scoring, but for self development – and if necessary very effective self defence – but not in contrived environments.

  3. Yes it looks great, but no one strikes that way. Why do you aikido guys never try as if it's a real strike with real force. You guys whoever you are whereever you are just make one unreal strike then you try to handle that. Moreover, I hear that in aikido you don't practicing kicks and punches like in karate or pencak silat, it means that your partner doesn't really know how to strike like in a real situation. Your practicing partner only strikes you in aikido form of strike and defense i.e. not like in reality.

    Your partner only gives him his hand in fact he doesn't really attack you. You'd better make videos with non aikido guy, find a real martial artist from karate, pencak silat, you name it. Then let us see whether aikido techniques are really functioning or not. With real force like in a real fight situation. NO HOLDING BACK. It's not about winning or losing but I just wanna see it's really functioning or not.

  4. Me pregunto sin un enemigo es tan dócil y te deja el brazo estirado para que se lo agarres y después se tira tan fácil para el piso,solo en demostraciones montadas como esa y tantas otras de diferentes estilos pues esta crítica es para casi todos los vídeos de los diferentes estilos,gracias.

  5. In any real fight, your opponent doesn't cooperate. Aikido practice is more akin to dancing than fighting. All I have to see is a guy throwing a punch and leaving his arm out for the Aikido master to duck under, and I've seen all I need to see.

  6. Would work on a street fighter but not on a trained striker who snaps back punches.
    But respect for the demo here it actually shows some resistance I like it

  7. Though this Sensei is Aikikai, he also has a BJJ background and I love how he focuses on the self-defense aspect of aikido. He really tests the boundaries of aikido in each of his videos often going into unchartered territory. Well done Sir.

  8. If somebody punch several times in high speed, will be impossible to apply any of these techniques, I was practicing Aikido time ago , and I was practicing different martial arts in my life, Aiklido is a beautiful martial art, but some times is not real for real fights…combining kicks and punches with some blocking techniques for fast fight could be a great idea in the practice…

  9. Dear sensei, please make a video about jab- cross- hook attack defense! Because nowadays this is the most realistic attack of criminals! Thank you in advance!

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