Aikido vs Taekwondo (Real fight no demonstration!)

Fight between Aikido master vs Taekwondo black belt. Its no scenario effects or demonstrations here ! Aikido wins 🙂

Aikido vs Boxing –



  1. First point: We don't know how long these guys were sparring with each other prior to this video. Both were probably not at their best condition. Second point: It doesn't matter what belt each person has. A person with a yellow belt and a lot of street smarts can beat a black belt with no practical experience. Third point: The amount of conditioning an Aikidoist has when they get to black belt level prepares him or her for a lot of punches, kicks, and, of course, grabs so it's not surprising that this Aikido guy can defend against kicks. If these guys didn't wear gloves, the fight would've been over at 1:03 with a Kotegaeshi. Attacking a well-conditioned Aikidoist is like attacking a medicine ball.

  2. the fucking aikido masters movements are sloppy and unrefined, i've done aikido for 10 years + and i can vouch for this that he probably bought that hakama just to look like a "master" but a hakama is what you get after you become a black belt and wish to go forward

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