Aikido Works?! Real Footage of Aikido in the Street

I’ve finally received a video of Aikido applied in real setting caught on CCTV footage. Yet the talk discussion we had with the person in footage will still probably be not what most Aikido people want to hear.

Have you ever seen Aikido in reality yourself? Did you see or do you have Aikido footage on CCTV? What do you think about this Aikido CCTV video? Do you think Aikido can be applied in reality?

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  1. Rain here, I just wanted to highlight a few things.

    This is just one video from my time in security and normally I was not allowed to keep the footage. I dealt with shit like this as often as nine times a night throughout my career. The guy in the white shirt I had thrown out after he entered the establishment, harassed my door-girl and struck one of my security team on the back of the skull. They were not drunk but most likely because of the amount of cocaine they were on. They beat the shit out of an entire crew of bouncers at a club up the street before visiting us. The part of the video you all are seeing is after it started to de-escalate. When you see me walk out, look carefully and you will see me deflect a punch and simply move people around while remaining calm. The guy I took down kept trying to grab me and had attempted to put his hands on me several times. The guy in the white shirt became a coward after a few kicks and seeing his friends go down. The guy kicking like Bruce Lee was the security member who was struck and lost his cool. My guys were always taught to detain first if possible, he was new. Of course, it would be easy to knock someone out and just be done with it but that is not smart business. Lawsuits suck and club owners with hot-headed bouncers do not always last.

    Aikido does actually work but it is mostly drilling without resistance and requires pressure testing at some point. I have pulled off techniques against MMA practitioners, Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and with Thai Boxers in the clinch. And just to be clear all those arts would work well against a drunk or untrained idiot and none of them may hold up against a trained individual depending on the practitioner. I do not teach Aikido and am actually a Muay Thai coach now but I will not join the bandwagon out there and hate on Aikido. Because Aikido is meant to be a peaceful practice the competitive edge is not there. However, you have to be willing to look at the state of mind of the Aikido founder post-war and also look how he trained before the war to truly understand why he wanted Aikido to become a path of peace. Aikido actually served me best when it came to disarms, while I still got cut at times I am here today. When you see Aikido guys practicing techniques without resisting opponents it is really just repetition training for the mind and body. There are some idiots out there that believe that is fighting but it is no different than putting on bag gloves and hitting a punching bag. Drilling is good. Here is the part where I piss off the Aikido world I guess. Without a competitive edge, Aikido is lacking. If you look at martial arts as a whole you will notice that the ones with the most fraudulent activity also have less pressure testing. Rokas, as well as myself and many others, do not dislike Aikido we are simply a realist.

    I am a big guy and size does help with shit like knee on belly but Aikido much like Judo is not about forcing techniques. It is the same when I practice BJJ, you just have to relax and go with the flow. With Aikido we like to reverse that flow at the last second is all. When truly looking into Aikido look at its principles and you will see it with new eyes. It is not near as bad as many of its practitioners, lol. Everyone has their opinions and I read some awesome comments. I even enjoyed the ones most people would get offended by as well, I loved all the feedback. Thank you for sharing Rokas and keeping it real bro. Keep on moving forward.

    Just to add a little knowledge to the conversation I would like you all to hold out your right-hand, palm down. Now slowly turn it over. True Aikido is like this. The Principles are all there. You all see the passive side of Aikido as intended. Like a duck on a pond, Aikido looks very calm on the surface but underneath the water is churning. Some call it Koppo, it is known as the dark side of Aikido. I am not one to care what people think about this or that art, If something works for me I will steal it and that is that I don't care what art it comes from. Aikido is not on the level it should be but it's not the fault of Aikido is my point. The more you research into the earlier work like Budo Renshu and so on the more you see Aikido as a Spiritual Crown to the founder's personal journey. Philosophically, if your heart is in the right place before and after an attack that is Aikido. To not injure others while controlling situations where you could have caused injury or death says a lot about one's character.

    The important part of my own journey is that I was armed throughout my career and could have just shot someone many times and would have been within my legal rights. Instead, I used an art that I personalized that everyone says does not work. The hard truth is that Aikido helped teach me to be a better person. If that is fake than fraudulent shit is awesome.

  2. I wonder if this thé result of the technique would have been thé same if thé guys was not so much bigger than his opponent…
    One problem to me with TMA practitionner is that they make live thé myth that size does not matter in à fight.
    As a 1m68/70kg guy, this idea has always been pleasant to me, but unfortunatly réality is unfair.
    I tried several sparring with heavyweight boxers of my boxing club. I m more athletic than almost all of them, and i tried to have à good technique. However, except with begginers, i do not stand à chance. The reach advantage en force me to take à lot of risk to hit them and when they hit me, i take so much damage that it quickly become unbearable…
    Just to say, "aïkido works" probably but it is not magic. It won t work àgainst à resisting bigger opponent as suggested by most aïkido guys

  3. All martial arts are effective no matter what style you use,the idea that one is better than the other is all wrong,that's not what masters are teaching them that this is the best better than the others,that's not all true.Martial arts trains the body and disciplines the mind,cleanse the spirit make all one.

  4. It’s not that they “don’t work” it’s just that they are generally so low percentage that there are much better techniques, much better ways to train, and much better strategies than aikido.

  5. I've been training in the martial arts since 1984, Korean karate, Japanese jujitsu, and aikido. The best advice I can give is practice what you learn and forget. The muscle memory is there. If you have to think about what techniques you will use it's to late. It should come without thought

  6. Iv used iriminage twice in the street. Worked both times. However I did not wait for an attack, instead I attacked using iriminage. The situation was to volatile to wait. Aikido is effective for the type of situation that it is designed for. People keep draging aikido into the realm of MMA. It's like a hammer and a screwdriver yes a screwdriver is crap at banging nails in but it's not designed for that. Bouncers use aikido techniques on a weekly basis aswell as the police. If kickboxing is the only thing a bouncer or the police knows there careers would'nt last long.

  7. I am Maka, born and raised in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and now i live in Melbourne Australia, my first martial arts was taekwondo (2 years), capoeira (5 months), BJJ (not much) and Aikido 5 years, its true that the raw Aikido cant save my life in a street fight in rio, the same for taekwondo, capoeira, BJJ, boxing and etc, the scenario of a street fight is unknown, nobody can predict anything, what will make the difference is the muscle memory that you built with your training, I love Aikido, but only Aikido is not enough as self-defence, I feel that Aikido is the last choice, my tactics is simple: run if you can, if you can not, find rocks, sand, something to create an opening to apply any technique or just run. Aikido is dangerous if the person apply pressure on the joint or twist the head and snap. Look like that you created a bubble when you declared yourself as a sensei, there is no problem in train other martial arts to improve Aikido, the O'sensei journey was pure chaos until he made Aikido, only people with martial arts background could train with him for a reason, in Rio BJJ students get stabbed too, lose in street fights, not because of BJJ, but the scenario and the defender moves are not in his favor, train hard and avoid weak positions that's my advice.

  8. If you Train for Sports or Exercise in any Martial Art then you can NOT expect it to just work in a Street Attack just a Simple FACT and not One BJJ Practitioners have ever Stood around the Roda at the Beaches in Buenos Aries without literally getting Beaten to HELL or Actually being Killed by the GANGS of CAPOEIRA doesn't that make CAPOEIRA better than BJJ or is it all about the Situation that you Allowed yourself to get into in the First Place

  9. Honestly seemed like a 6'4 guy throwing around a 5'10 guy. When he applied the technique he damn near threw the other guy into the street! If he did judo or just wanted to slam the guy he could of probably killed him. Can't say this wouldn't work on me, but the guy would have to be 6'7 to ragdoll me at 6'2 240 lbs. like in this video.

  10. There is competitive Akido but I don't think it is called Akido but they practice the same moves, it is impressive and there is a video of two guys who discovered it talking about it on YouTube…..

  11. The problem with how ppl view Aikido’s effectiveness is all in the lack of experience that these other artists have actually havin fights on the street. Since practitioners of Aikido are not suppose to compete, there’s no relevant tape of its usefulness. I believe other practitioners, having no real street knowledge of their own, think that if you can’t see it be used in controlled competition then it doesn’t work on the streets. Where I’m from you will get killed, stabbed, or shot tryna BJJ somebody to death too. Does that mean BJJ don’t work? A lot of ppl don’t have street knowledge to determine if Aikido will work or not.

  12. Like any martial art, a section, technique will work, ikkyo/ nikkyo will and has worked for me, a hook wont always work for a boxer, does that mean its useless? No, not at all, applying the correct technique at the correct time is mostly what its about

  13. Ok so the question now is do you consider aikido worthless still because those people who used aikido in live sparring cross trained in other arts? I mean bjj didn't become famous because they ignored other arts. Most bjj guys cross train in other arts.

  14. I knocked over two big muggers on their arses after 10 lessons of aikido in London they were really angry and I ran of quickly 👮🏿‍♂️👮

  15. A Kote Gaeshi and other Aikido techniques should not be practiced in a pressure test. Why not? Because then you would go into resistance against the attacker's strength and that would NOT be Aikido. In addition, the risk of injury is too high with such training. Aikido is not about being able to do a technique, but about maintaining a stable stance, keeping the right distance and stepping into the opponent in an attack. This is supposed to break the balance. Only then is it possible to use a Technic without pressure. The Technic must arise from movement, so to speak, and not from pressure. This is one of the differences between Aikido and JJ. In Aikido the energy of the attack is used and not counteracted. Has never heard that Roka? So if you try to make a Kotegaeshi in a crabbling, you have little chance of applying the Technic. But then it is NOT Aikido.
    Nevertheless, I recommend that every Aikidoka also use a sparring system. The principles such as Mai Ai, Irimi, Irimi Tenkan and Atemi can be applied. Because these are the principles that give form to Aikido.

  16. I have no doubt aikido works in the street I’m sure even better than karate or Kung fu .It’s just not designed for tournament it wasn’t created for that 👀😎

  17. Almost all videos I have seen on Aikido use a very compliant subject that appears to have one good arm and one that hangs there. The real world is very different. It looks to me like Aikido has a chance of working one of two ways, either dodging a blow or as the above video shows the person applying the technique must be strong enough and I mean really strong enough to hold that wrist lock like a pitbull. You're assessment is spot on.

  18. Dear Rocas aikido is a concept martial art.The techniques work as they are expected to,but they need to be modified for a much wider arsenal of offensive techniques…. don't blame the techniques ,but rather understand that true aikido starts at 3 rd degree black belt and you still need to be fit and aware of other martial arts and training methods

  19. The main purpose of aikido is developing character , when you become proficient at the art of jiu jitsu it's no longer relevant to persue conflict and competition…. that is why we have judo…to test the art ,while using sport friendly techniques

  20. I train aikido techniques with my mma friends from time to time and even if a wristlock throw doesn't work it creates and opening for a double leg or a hip throw….but if you don't roll with a legit wristlock your wrist start to hurt 😀 trust me Rocas

  21. I trained In Aikido, and as someone in a 1% MC Club, I brutally destroyed other men’s joints with bad intentions!
    With Aikido, if you have the heart to follow through on moves, a single move will 100% end the aggressor and an ambulance will need to be called for them!

  22. I was a policeman in my country an I have no doubt if aikido works on street. It is true that requires a form not exactly the same as in the dojo, it needs to be adapted on the circumstances. But it works. I did also some other martial arts, but in a real fight, usually there is no time to think what style you will be using. I used aikido and it was especially useful because as a policeman you need to try not to hurt anyone, only immobilise.

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