AIKIDO × MMA – Does the Aikido Master's technique work for MMA fighter?

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・AIKIDO × MMA – Does the Aikido Master’s technique work for MMA fighter? PART01

・AIKIDO × MMA – Does the Aikido Master’s technique work for MMA fighter? PART02

・MMA fighter tries Aikido joint technique

・MMA fighter learn the strongest Aikido joint technique

・Talk! Aikido Master & MMA Fighter & Comedian

・What happened to the guy who challenged Aikido?

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  1. This Aikido sensei never been in a real fight! A lot of these martial arts instructors never been in real fights. You have to adapt and expect chaos in a real fight. You will be lucky for someone to grab you by the wrist. Most of the time they are swinging awkward unpredicatable punches and many times they have an object like a baseball bat or a bottle being used on you. I got hit in the head with a tire iron long time ago. I tried using jiu jitsu in a bar I got hit with a stool fighting one guy then three other guys including a bouncer ganged up on me. AIKIDO is not realistic.

  2. All y'all talking about how ineffective it is..but when someone grabs your wrist for the first time in a fight …..I bet your ass your akido instincts will kick in. Lol. This is usually not for brawl out fights this is to end fights before they start** DUhhh 🤣

  3. 合気道ってスローペースだし指示された動きだし相手が本当に全力できたら通用しないだろ合気道vs〇〇とか見ても気っ使ってガチできてないもんなー

  4. Aikido techniques may work if you have the timing, but timing in aikido is different as it is not realistic compared to real punches, kicks or even grabs..they do it slow. i thought the MMA guys in this video would do real punches but they did not. This is not showing the reality. The only video on aikido vs MMA/REAL ATTACK is with that aikido instructor ROKAS, Aikido vs MMA – REAL SPARRING

  5. Probably good against police trying to handcuff you or escaping from a partner who is trying to stop you from going out to party.

  6. I’m a current practitioner, but also of other martial art forms. Where does Aikido sit in my mind or in my bag of mixed martial art experience? Aikido is an exploration of principles both in movement and philosophy. It is a controlled practice, not self-defense or goshinjitsu.

    This video is a great breakdown of these ideas, but again, by no stretch of the imagination is aikido a street-ready martial art. It is an excellent compliment to a healthier diet of mixed martial arts.

  7. The whole point of it all..
    IF someone who knows Aikido, gets ONE hand on you, (especially after you grab them), YOU RUN the risk, of getting your Wrist snapped, your elbow hyper extended, and possibly a dislocated shoulder.. 1x move.

    I didn't believe in Aikido, until I saw it in action….. FOR if YOU do not go with the movement, the damage is more.. The main reason they go SLOWWWWWWWW during demonstrations, videos.. IS not to dummy it down.. It is to allow the person getting WORKED ON, the chance, to FOLLOW through with the movements.. TO AVOID injury.

    IF they resisted… THE Damage will indeed be done… WHILE we were training, we 1.. TAPED up our wrists, to BOXER level.. 2. THEN wore the workout gloves, taht wrap around the wrists.. AND still. IT HURT like a MF, even during the slow movements..

    As We utilized the USMC Line movements, and were incorporating some Aikido wrists grabs. AIKIDO is not for MMA.. BUT when you are on the street, during up close engagements.. IT is very unique, and effective for controlling a person, with VERY little energy expended. As people are trying to get out of the GRAB, they are pretty much in a controlled position (hands), with the ability to put SERIOUS pain on a person, via just the wrists..

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