Aikido Yoshinkan Brisbane Dojo 26th Annual Demo 「The AIKI 」by Mori Shihan 「塩田剛三 直伝の合気」森道治 師範

Mori Shihan 8th Dan, was a direct disciple of Master Gozo Shioda, maintaining a direct line of Aikido from Master Morihei Ueshiba. In this clip, he demonstrates so-called “Aiki” or “Aiki-waza” that are the most advanced level of Aikido. Aikido techniques are hard to be visualised as they work through the joints, only inside of the body, while punches and kicks of Karate as such are visible as they cause damages outside the body too. “Aiki-waza” are the ultimate form of joint-locks that solidifies the opponent’s body into one solid substance by locking all the joints in a blink. Once the body is locked totally, it can be thrown or restrained effortlessly.

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Brisbane Yoshinkan Aikido Mori Shihan 8th dan 2021 26th Annual Demonstration
合気道養神館 森道治師範8段  豪州道場24周年演武 塩田剛三館長 
Master Gozo Shioda last direct student
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  1. Not all aikido instructors can demonstrate their aikido on people who are bigger/stronger than them and who are not their students… it appears that the big student is from Australia and not a student, so this is impressive and really a lot like Shioda Sensei. Notice they have Shioda Sensei's photo on the wall about 1 inch higher than O'Sensei's photo.

  2. Thoses studends are so brutal, each time i see them, each video where they are with their Sensei, they forcing only and no technical..
    That remember me when i began the Aikido, but after with few years "basical and technical" u feeling the strenght and u begin to learn about the "break of gravity"

    But AGAIN, they pushing strength vs strength, only hips and muscles relaxation and most importantly; they definitely haven't nothing learn..

  3. 見てて楽しい✨✨✨

  4. I'm doing Iwama ryu Aikido and Karate and I really enjoy watching this demonstration as the connection of the bodies and at certain point the using of some kyusho points as the targets were clearly demonstrated. I think the use of kyusho points in Aikido is really interesting. Really good instructional video. Onegaishimasu!

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