Akēdo NEW Ultimate Arcade Warriors Game Unboxing Moose

NEW Akēdo Ultimate Arcade Warriors from Moose! Thanks Moose Toys for Sending Squirrel Stampede a FREE Sample of Akēdo Warriors! 39 Different Warriors to collect from Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Exclusive, and VERY limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike! Look for Glow in the Dark, and a variety of styled controllers! Look for more at MooseTubeMania! #akedo #akedowarriors

Toys Soon to be found Summer 2021. Single Packs starting $4.99



  1. The "win counter" is a health bar, check your akedo warrior on the pad, you will see a heart and a strike thing, the heart is how much health you have, so that health bar is for health, and everytime you get split strike, you check your opponents attack damage and subtract it with the health you have.

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