All Aikido Kokyu Nage Explained!

This video contains an explanation of the main Aikido Kokyu Nage’s!

This is another Aikido Tutorial from a series we are making where you’ll have everything you need to know about Aikido in one place! This project is going to be a big one, including explanation of Seiza, Traditions, Techniques, Attacks, Weapons and more. We will release new parts of the video each Tuesday and in the end – a full, all encompassing Aikido Tutorial!

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So far there are these tutorials:
Basic Principles of All Techniques –
All Aikido Grabs and Attacks –
Tai Sabaki (steps) –
Shiko (Knee Walking) –
Bowing in and meditation –
Seiza (sitting on knees) –

Instructor: Rokas Leonavicius Sensei
Uke: Martynas Martišauskis (Shodan)
Editing: Danguole Garškaitė
Camera: Eduardas Girjotas

Dodzo is a full time Dojo focusing on self-development through Aikido and Yoga. The Dojo is run by Sensei Rokas Leonavicius.



  1. Nicely explained 🙂

    We actually have names for some of the techniques you did:
    Second one (at 1:14): Hiji nage (elbow throw)
    Third one (at 2:08): Sumi otoshi (corner drop, or at least that's what I've heard it translated as)
    Fourth one (at 2:20): Uchi (inside)

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