Amazing! Aikido – Big Man VS Little Woman PART02

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◆Jeet Kune Do Master Togo Ishii x Aikido Master Ryuji Shirakawa
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◇Amazing! Aikido – Big Man VS Little Woman PART02

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Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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◆Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido【 Volume 2】
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◆Ryuji Shirakawa Beautiful and Amazing Aikido 【Volume 1】
【English subtitles】

【French subtitles】

The first DVD of Ryuji Shirakawa, a popular aikido instructor with over 110,000 Facebook followers.

A series of DVD by shihan Ryuji Shirakawa, an aikido teacher who has gained international attention thank to his splendid and dynamic techniques.

In this, first volume, focusing on the idea that “thorough study of the basics creates endless techniques” shihan Shirakawa presents a broad spectrum of possible movements and techniques. Also, he introduces a way to practice ukemi by cultivating your body’s awareness and sensitivity to your opponent’s force.

★Teaching/supervision: Ryuji Shirakawa, 6th dan Aikikai
As part of Japan’s delegation in the 2013 World Combat Games, he demonstrated his amazing techniques to numerous fans of aikido. Currently, in addition to being the head of a dojo in Japan’s Tohoku area, he is traveling extensively abroad: about twenty-five percent of his time is spent in over 10 countries from which he receives invitations to teach.

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Ryuji Shirakawa

Beautiful & amazing Aikido by Ryuji Shirakawa

Interview with Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan

◆Interview with Aikido Ryuji Shirakawa (English)

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About Aikido Shinburenseijuku

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DVD Volume 1

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◆Aikido shinburenseijuku
※Shirakawa Ryui shihan’s Dojo in Japan



  1. Aikido has no application in real fighting. I am sorry this is fantasy. Steven Sigal has no chance with karate or difrent combat system. Let's start to be realistic. Martial art is a way to kill asap. The rest is unfortunately only a way of business for naive.

  2. 配信、感謝します。 痛覚は痛覚でも、指向性の痛覚ということでしょうか。

  3. scusate se scrivo in italiano ma, io sono italiano. Una domanda: ma… uno che ti aggredisce, non ti prende il polso, o il braccio. Piuttosto uno che ti aggredisce solitamente ti da uno spintone, o un pugno, o ti afferra e ti stringe bloccandoti le braccia, o ti colpisce con un oggetto, o ti da dei calci, o una testata. Le vostre leve sono molto belle e molto tecniche ma, mi pare di vedere che non si rapportano con la realtà di una vera aggressione. In situazioni di pericolo come da me elencate sopra, come ci si difende nel vero senso pratico? Grazie.

  4. 舌戦で負けた男が胸ぐら掴むとか、酒の席で肩から腕を回して胸を掴むってシチュエーションは普通にありそうに思えるので、自営の手段として有りだと感じます

  5. 行雄さんは見た目から【不良外国人】役にもってこいだけど、中身はまるっと日本人そのものですね。
    応援します。  てか、しっかり治療してね。

  6. あっ、合気会なんですね。

  7. Most Martial Artists have absolutely no concept of how to apply the Body, Mass, Leverage or the basic Principles of Physics in "Hand-to-hand Combat. This applies equally to striking, blocking, and every other aspect of the physical. An old saying was that a man who fights with his arms and legs independent of his body is doomed to remain a perpetual beginner.

    This isn't difficult to understand why . . . it 's the prime example of, "the Blind leading the Perceptually Handicapped!
    It isn't;t difficult to prove either and these simple actions are just the beginning of the Knowledge that is available.

    It should be understood that Diligent and dedicated PRACTICE is needed to make even the most simple elements usable.

  8. eventho aikido migjt not be usefull in real life fight, but it's really good once u get a hold on people lets say just to make sure he / she doesn't run away, i have join aikido class before u getting thrown away is for real because if u resist the throw or the movement once they lock u, it will break ur bones for sure or at least dislocated it, and the clapping sound is not necessary but we r told to clap the matress with our hand for no reason,

  9. 日本人は学校で授業として習ったほうが良い!

  10. これはオーバーにって人いるかもしれないけど、オーバーに受け身取るのはその分逃がしてるからで受け身取らないと肩外れたり色々あるんだと思う。みんな知ってると思うけど

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