Aikido Ikkyo 1 Christian Tissier

Aikido Ikkyo 1 Christian Tissier Beyond the croissants and coffee tucked away up an alley in a beautiful Paris suburb is the Aikido and martial art oasis of the Cercle Tissier Dojo. We filmed Christian Tissier in his dojo teaching Aikido techniques. Christian Tissier (b. 1951 Paris, France) a renowned European Aikido teacher, he pioneered… Continue reading Aikido Ikkyo 1 Christian Tissier

Expert AIKIDO Throws

Expert AIKIDO Throws Throwtastic, throwarama, throwdown with the ultimate expert Tetsuro Nariyama 9th Dan Aikidoka, and Shihan of the Shodokan Hombu Dojo in Osaka, Japan. He is technical director of the Shodokan AIkido Federation. He studied and was appointed by Kenjo Tomiki, one of Morihei Ueshiba’s early students and lived as Uchideshi to Hirokazu Kobayashi… Continue reading Expert AIKIDO Throws