Beautiful Aikido demonstration 2019 with woman – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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Special techniques close combat

Best of Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido

Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido freestyle02

Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido freestyle03

Best of Aikido

Beautiful Aikido world

Special techniques

Aikido Dynamic Throwing to each other

Aikido self-defense techniques

Sutemi Waza(sacrifice techniques)

Dynamic and elegant martial arts ‐ Aikido

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Brilliant Aikido

Dynamic aikido

Dynamic aikido Jiyu waza

Jiyu waza 1

Jiyu waza 2

Shirakawa Ryuji Shihan – aikikai 6th dan, Aikido Techniques

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・Aikido is beautiful

・Supple Aikido move freely

・Aikido is beautiful and dynamic

・ Aikido – Soft and dynamic body control

・Aikido Highlights

・Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu



  1. what aikido is not: Something that can be used as a solo martial art for fighting.
    what aikido is: an incredible martial art to help with footwork and secondary skill

  2. I read somewhere that Aikido was originally intended in the 14th century to disarm sword weilding samurai using only one's hands. If I'm not mistaken, the Japanese government outlawed Samurais carrying swords in the late 19th century. Morihei Ueshiba founded modern Aikido sometime in the early 20th century and that's what it's known as today.

  3. in real fight no buddy attack like this,
    be practical come on.
    yes it's nice and pretty, but in the streets the enemy is maximum powerful and crazy….its not easy to block a guy with those aikido technique, that come to put your body on the road with maximum pain.
    in training there is no hate and desire to kill.
    if you gonna learn a martial art, you must be sure that you gonna get the maximum practical self defense for all the street fight situations.
    sorry but there is a lot of different between reality fight and dojo fight.

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