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  1. Nice control well practiced , but it doesn't work like that in real life, 30 years as bouncer where nothing is controlled makes me think i have some idea about the real world of fighting, and yes i studied karate for many years and it was very helpful ,but is much different from practiced moves like this

  2. Can I watch a vid where they actually spar or something? Not dancing around with handshakes and some weird overhead chops? Who even fight with handshakes and chops anyway

  3. It is perhaps a little bit unfortunate that the English translation of this martial art became "Real Aikido". Maybe a bit more precise would have been the name Realistic Aikido, but even that could have been interpreted as insulting to the original Aikido martial art, even though that was in no way the intention of the founder and black belt master, Ljubomir Vracarevic. Never the less, the intention was that this modified Aikido, with added influences of Judo and Jiujitsu, could be used more effectively in today's situations and in today's society and mentality. "Real Aikido" officially came to be in 1969, with the opening of the first Real Aikido Club (KRA, Klub Realnog Aikidoa, in serbian language) in Belgrade. Mr. Vracarevic, before introducing his ideas into this martial art, trained in Japan with some of the best Aikido masters, Kisshomaru Ueshiba 10. Dan, Gozo Shioda 10. Dan, Hiroshi Tada 9. Dan… Real Aikido was officially registered in the international classification of martial arts, in 2003. as an authentic Serbian martial art.

  4. Ki-Do-Ma
    (Timing) (Degree) (Distance)

    "You need to reach the level where you understand your partner. Too much force applied can seriously injure him, lesser force makes the training spaced out/unrealistic. So apply the necessary force appropriate only to your partner's receiving capability."

    -Sensei Morito Suganuma
    Shoheijuku Dojo

  5. Молодцы! Качество проведёх приёмов поражает их точностью. Ученики Люмира Врачаревича наращивают мастерство и по сей день, продолжая передовать знания. Удачи тем кто помнит мастера Реального Айкидо Любомира Врачаревича 10 Дан.

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