1. Rahul has huge amount of strength inside himself, as long as he is positioning properly. If he is badly positioned, or if his stance is weak or distracted, then his strength is gone, but if he understands the situation, and if his position is good, he can’t be moved. Society treats Rahul very badly in India. Society insults Rahul, dosen’t let Rahul what he want’s to do, it attacks him. Rahul has to get strength from inside, for that Rahul should understand how he is being pushed, understand the forces that are hurting him, and then position himself.

  2. Rahul, we Indians are very proud to know of your hidden talent (BLACK BELT). You are a very humble person as you didn’t showoff your talent like the current Govt. giving you name like Pappu. After hearing this they themselves should feel embarrassed to know that they themselves became Pappu

  3. अबे भांड मूर्ख मीडिया राहुल गांधी यह सीख नही रहे हैं । बहुत पहले स्कूल के समय मे ही सीख चुके थे। अब सिर्फ वह अपनी रिहल्सल करते हैं ।

  4. Jiski degree nahi hai uski peeche media kutte ke tarah talve chaahti hai aur din raat news dikhati hai
    Jo saala black belt champion aur shooter ho usko media se gayab Kar dete hai
    Shame on Media

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