Christian TISSIER – Aikido Interview

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Aikido documentary and interview with Christian Tissier Shihan, 7th Dan Aikikai filmed in his dojo of Vincennes in Paris, June 2015.

0:00 – Credits
0:46 – When did you start Aikido?
2:34 – Which teachers did you follow?
3:23 – How did the Hombu teachers deal with you when you arrived?
4:56 – Who were the teachers at Hombu at the time?
5:30 – Wasn’t it hard to keep up with all these different teachers at the same time?
8:06 – Did you already master these basics when you arrived?
9:11 – Is it because Europeans were only interested in street applications?
14:24 – Are the techniques only tools for mastering the principles?
18:23 – Can you tell us about your practice at arms?
22:46 – What is the connection between a koryu like Kashima Shin-ryu and a modern budo like Aikido?
27:17 – Do you feel obligated or legitimate to make changes to what you have learned?
30:05 – You take part in the large demonstrations in Bercy so as not to lead the empty chair policy, is it the same for the Combat Games?
32:30 – We see you everywhere and you are an excellent communicator. When did you decide on such a career plan?
33:32 – If you could go back in time, would you change anything?
34:29 – You were talking earlier about your knee injury. Did it change your aikido?
37:18 – When you look at your students today, do they reflect what you hoped to convey?
38:23 – What do you expect from your close students?

Written and directed by Guillaume Erard

– Dutch: Kevin Reuter
– Korean: Sung Juhwan (
– Portuguese (Br): Felipe Alberto
– Vietnamese: Pham Duc Minh

– Intro music by Guillaume Erard (available on iTunes –
– Stay With Me by Mendum
– Sapphire by Tobu
– Outro music by Guillaume Erard (available on iTunes

– Yamaguchi Seigo – Seminar in Paris by AikidoJournal
– Ueshiba Kisshomaru – Living With Nature Aikido (DVD)
– Inaba Minoru Shihan – Kashima Shin Ryu Kenjutsu
– Kanazawa Takeshi Shihan – 11th IAF International Aikido Seminar
– Tanaka Shigeho Shihan, 9th Dan Aikido Shiseikan Budojo Meiyokancho

– IAF Combat Games pictures kindly provided by Kei Izawa.

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  1. Christian Tissier – Thank you for doing your work and bringing Aikido to central Europe in your way. Thank you for teaching Aikido – without him – I never had have learnt to know my sensei Anita Köhler san. Without her I never had the possibility to learn the transforming and and special way Aikido bringing into my life until today. Domo Aregato for this very interesting insight of 50 years Aikido.

  2. J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à faire ces stages avec ces grands maîtres. ..mais Christian Tissier reste pour moi un des Shihan des plus accessible …Un modèle .. (avec ENDO ..barrière de la langue. ..mais très jovial )..

  3. I started training in aikido, Aikikan Oslo, when I was kind of old, 36 years old. I loved the training, after having trained in kenpo karate I liked it much better. I never advanced so much, but I was learning. Later on I saw demos from Christian Tissier, and was blown away by his masterful aikido. This interview is fantastic for me, I’m 64 now and barring COVID restrictions am getting the itch again to train aikido. This interview with Tissier sensei was a revaluation, and explained all the things I didn’t quite understand when I first trained in it, such as that the knife techniques true purpose and even more that all the techniques basically end up being ONE technique, and even more so that there are DIFFERENT styles of aikido that are so personal. This is much to think about. I am too old to become anything near This level of aikido, but this interview gave me a spark and feeling that I do want to try more to work on my aikido. Thank you Christian for being such a great example.

  4. Sensei , je me permets de vous dire que vous n'avez pas à vous justifier sur le faite d'etre un show-man car je ne le trouve pas mais surtout cela est très utile pour les gens qui ne connaissent pas l'Aikido .

  5. Extraordinaire Christian. Merci pour avoir entretenu notre passion de l aiki et par la même nous avoir permis de rencontrer tant de gens bien. Equilibre, passion et sagesse.😊

  6. Tout ce que je sais, et que j'applique dans ma vie de tous les jours, c'est grâce, en grande partie, à l'Aikido .. ce que Ch. Tissier retransmet très bien dans ce film ..
    Merci pour ce petit moment de bonheur ..

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