Class with Aikido Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru

This is a special video recording of a class led by Doshu for the Aikido practitioners to maintain the Aikido spirit throughout the pandemic.

Warm Up
Shomen-uchi Irimi-nage
Yokomen-uchi Irimi-nage
Shomen-uchi Dai-Ikkyo
Yokomen-uchi Shiho-nage
Hanmi-handachi Katate-dori Shiho-nage
Kata-dori Dai-Nikyo
Shomen-uchi Kote-gaeshi
Shomen-uchi Dai-Sankyo
Kokyu-ho (sitting)

Morning Aikido Class with Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu
Aikikai Hombu Dojo
July 4th, 2021

Video and editing by Guillaume ERARD

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