Classical Aikido Kototama

This clip was made during the annual Classical Aikido Shugyo 2006 in Maastricht, The Netherlands. In honour of O’ Sensei founder of aikido and Rinjiro Shirata Sensei. It shows aikido kototama or sound meditation performed by John Stevens Sensei. Many thanks for everything Sensei!



  1. Anytime you here about the great prejudice of Christianity take note of how many eastern religions are welcomed to hold events in there churches. And how this never happens in other religious temples.

  2. Other koto-dama.【Awa-no Uta】The reverberation order made the ancient Emperor Izanagi and Izanami, and restoring health. Tour order of space left to work at the genetic level. 5-Year-old from the patron.【Hifumi-norito】prosperity.
    According to the literature,360 times the reverberation is undergoing. This number is 1 year, same 360 °.

  3. After listening several times, I eventually tried to sing it along with you, and it was a powerful strengthening experience for my spirit. Could you please give the sillables translation, or explain the meaning of them? Arigato Sensei.

  4. hello, john, and how wonderful!
    you have magicked back all our sendai past – our families, our lives, the temple on the hill, and above all, the never to be forgotten nishiyama sensei. and you have filled me – still are, as i listen to you chanting – with deep gratitude, as i remember ryokan's one robe one bowl, and so much more, and so much more. aren't i lucky, aren't we lucky, to be around still, breathing. love to you and family, visnja

  5. Aikido founder: Moriei Ueshiba. Successor: Kisshomar in 1969. 'Budo is not the means of felling the opponent by force. True Budo calls for bringing inner energy of the universe in order, protecting peace, molding and preserving everything in nature in right form: a procreative force, producing love which leads to creative life through rigorous training of the body, mental development and spiritual growth.
    If you have not been taught this in aikido, then you have not been taught aikido.

  6. Well, according to O-Sensei, this is the true way. Personally, I don't practice kotodama either. But still I can respect the sincere following of the way displayed here. Why can't you?

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