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Deflecting an incoming attack with your hands is not an easy technique to master, but can be an effective way to neutralize at attacker.

In this self defense tip Michael Tan demonstrates how to use your hands in an open hand position with the thumbs tucked, to deflect and intercept an incoming attack. This will redirect their forward momentum removing you from danger and giving you the opening needed to continue on to your next technique or removing yourself from the situation all together.

Michael Tan then demonstrates a followup technique on how to neutralize the aggressor to the ground.

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  1. The big problem or the main concern about this kind of practice is , You already know what’s going to be coming at you , once it’s unknown, then the whole dynamics change , Even a friendly opponent coming at you with whatever they want , punch kick hook etc will be a problem, show me this working at 80 percent intention then I will be impressed, thanks

  2. I like some of the Concepts and principles behind it not too sure if that technique would work however. I've never seen anybody pull that off against a resisting attacker in a street brawl or mma mabey if the attacker is over committed or has absolutely no idea how to fight or what he's doing then i could see it work still i like the Concepts fundamentals and principles that were taught

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