Difference Between Aikido and Aikijutsu

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  1. God bless all of you who are part of this video
    you’re special you are
    Say not , be not.
    Either you do or you don’t.

  2. Thank you for the video. This is the second time that I watched it. So thank you for keeping me posted.

    I do wonder how Aikido could be used against kicks?

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I've studied both and have a nidan in Aikijutsu. I'm sure this sensei knows his Aikido, but doesn't know much about Aikijutsu. You can practice Aikijutsu at any age. I'm not sure what he's talking about with all this atemi, but no, not at all. Aikido is the child of Aiki ju/jutsu, it uses the same principles of motion, deflection, blending, using your opponents motion, irimi if needed, the main difference is the philosophy that is brought into physical practice. Aikido is self/internal-growth, you and your uke (or opponent) are partners, where in Aikijutsu, not so much, it is more a true "marial" art, more of discipline, mental and physical, your uke is the enemy and is treated as such.

  4. WTF Aikijutsu doesn't exist XD. Daito ryu aikijujutsu is more refined than that. The reason Aikido doesn't work for you is because you need to develop aiki and the reflexes to apply the technique. Back in the day those reflexes were developed by constant sparring in Kenjutsu arts because the aiki concepts came from actual swordfighting. They also practiced sumo wrestling and some techniques are share between the two arts.

    People say japanese police practice kendo to empty their mind and stuff. They practice because the reflexes and aiki principles there are important to apply the jujutsu techniques with success and those old budokas knew it, Aikdo alone can't make you a good fighter because is really like karate kata, is there to preserve and learn the technique, a tue bushi had to master more than one art. Search about Aiki no jutsu and you will see that Daito Ryu has soft techniques too.

    You need to go to people that know high level daito ryu to improve your aikido and constant sparring is important.

  5. Agreed with this, however I was trained to not throw them. ie shorten up technique and have them fall at your feet whilst still have an arm connection. Then you can destroy, lock, break etc etc and have control so they dont re attack. All done on feet whilst attacker on ground so if another attacks you can move. No one else there go to ground for choke armbar etc

  6. Great video, I'd like to learn aikijutsu myself I have done martial arts such as shotokan karate and muay thai… will be good to see a video on aikijutsu v hapkido or Krav maga as their all for real life situations…!!!

  7. They strike in Aikido too ! They are clips of Aikijujitsu in youtube and you can see that Atemi is inexistants ! Aikijujitsu blend lots with opponent's Mvyts ,they do Kuzushi as well . What you mentioned is NOT the what differentiate Aikido from Aikijujitsiu .

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