1. Norton explains: "He believed that martial arts could contribute to pacifism if they refined… and Aikido was a refinement…" So the intention was good? But it didn't turn out to work. Aikido has only brought arrogance to this world.

  2. I have immense respect for what he just said. But from my experience, you can get all of those mental and spiritual benefits from an effective martial art like judo BJJ mma boxing etc. Why not do something that calms you and is effective?

  3. in reality back in its original form Aikido was actually meant for actual combat, when Ueshiba first created it it was based around his experience in actual combat arts and it was one of the systems tought to japanese secret police, and assassination groups. it became passified to the public

  4. Why is it that when it comes to a fight in the OCTAGON that the certain martial arts are NEVER executed as well as in the dojos? Works very well in movies, yeah, but Imagine all that money wasted on monthly membership payments. tsk tsk.
    Then you have all the brainwashed professionals trying to praise the art and condescend your critique.

  5. Thing is Aikdo works on an untrained average joe on the street. MOST people dont know how to properly fight. You can see that on videos online everywhere. The average drunk or cocky street punk isnt going to handle himself against a trained Aikido guy.
    Now Aikido vs a trained fighter in MT or Kyokushin or Judo?? Of course it wont work. A lot of you MMA guys fail to see that knowing something beats knowing nothing. I train karate and Muay Thai, they work for me. Especially in Vegas where I live because most fights here are started by drunks.

  6. Actors are so fucking full of themselves. The kids that were in drama club in school turned into this. They were always nerds….not the good kind of nerd, the "I don't fit in and don't have friends type."

  7. There's a guy I met who trained bjj and Aikido had a black belt in Aikido and a purple belt in BJJ and he was the calmest most chill guy you could ever meet, he was a surfer, yoga guy and had no interest in competition. Yet he was so fucking good at jiu-jitsu let loose in a comp he'd be a problem, just wasn't interested.

  8. Most people misunderstand aikido because of how it has changed over the years. In the beginning, according to Sensei Nishio, it was definitely a combat martial art. He thought so highly of it he stopped karate, of which he was, if I remember correctly, a 5th degree black belt, with multiple black belts in other martial arts too, and devoted himself to aikido. He said it was the highest budo and a true martial art. It wasn't only defensive but at the initiation of combat of the opponent, or uke, you would offensively enter and strike 99% of the time. He said if aikido ever developed into something else, like it has today, then it wouldn't be a true martial art. And so it has gone.

  9. Edward is full of shit…
    I learned from the last ushi deshi from Japan. O Sensei taught him how to cook, country style, not Tokyo's food. Nippon Kan, Denver Colorado.
    Aikido comes from Samurai sword movement. ..when Zen Buddhism entered Japan, that is when O Sensei dropped the sword, and used your arm, hand or head as the sword.

  10. I've trained in Aikido for a long time and I will vehemently state that Aikido does NOT teach you how to fight. That's why I did boxing for a while and took up BJJ. What I gained from that on top of just those particular skills was a new found respect for Aikido. Aikido has a lot to teach, but I definitely only recommend it to someone who with has zero interest in fighting or someone who's actually done combat systems. I still train in both Aikido and BJJ and I think they work awesome together. Aikido definitely deserves more respect and in my opinion is an important martial art.

  11. If Anyone is interested to see Real Aikido, pressure testing , hard sparring and training follow me on Instagram @Seijuku_Samurai. it is highly a misunderstood and judged martial art. All I require is an honest audience to show my diligence and the art's effectiveness.

  12. Aikido source root origin is Daitoryu-(aiki) jujitsu. Its core principles focus on subtle manipulations of balance that can complement and enrich any martial arts training.

  13. Had this on in the background and sort of perked my ears up at the end.
    First thing I did after was to check whether Rickson Gracie had died.
    He hasn't.

  14. There are two different ways to study martial arts and today it is taught in different ways. The first incudes the spiritual element and is about being a better person, the second is just about beating your opponent and being the best. I studied Lau Gar Kung Fu for many years, beginning in 1974 and later I moved to other art forms, including Aikido. At 63 years old I still possess the self confidence it gave me, which stopped me thinking I had to fight every battle and the calmness of spirit and the control that benefited my life in many ways but I have never been interested in defeating other people.

  15. Edward practices an art that doesn't tell him not to wear buttons, pockets or zippers in order to train. Stop with the attitude, meatheads.

  16. As an animate meditation, the moves are chill. The original fundamentals of aikido were 1. Irimi – get in close ; 2. Atemi – strike.

  17. Norton makes sense but practising martial arts is where things get a bit different. Training against other martial arts is where aikido might find a tough spot. In itself it seems fine maybe a bit misguiding yet suitable against a drunk untrained opponent for the given scenario. As far as joint manipulation and body momentum goes things have been far more advanced than this in actual combat. It’s still good to know no doubt but not as a background in fighting so to speak.

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