Excellent Aikido Demonstration Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu – 植芝守央道主 – 合気道 – [HD]

Video: Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu and www.aikido.at Aikido Linz at the 48th All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2010/05/22 – 第48回全日本合気道演武大会の案内 – Nippon Budokan, (High Definition HD, 16:9, engl. subtitles)



  1. This is beautiful. I might want to try Aikido at some point to learn fancy ways to roll and break my fall, and I like the graceful dance-like aspect of it too.

    A lot of people are putting Aikido down for not being effective for self-defense. I agree that it’s not ideal for that; I wouldn’t do it for legitimate self-defense but rather to be able to move that way.

  2. Was this a demo during a comp where competitors test the effectiveness of their practice against fully resisting opponents? Even in chess, this is the case. You fight as you train, so good luck with Aikido.

  3. Try it on anyone besides a compliant senior student. When you watch a martial arts demo focus on the attacker rather than the defender. There's nothing vaguely realistic about any of this.

  4. An Aikido master, one night we were working as doormen at a club, told me that the young Ueshiba, when he served as a japanese soldier in the invasion wars, really wasn't the lovely grandpa he became later. This guy experieced violence, give and take, and when returning on a civilian lifestyle, apart for the regrets and remorses, nothing could upset or scare him anymore. I mean, I'm sure Fedor would have crushed Ueshiba too, but I'm sure that O' Sensei would have at least made the UFC Champion sweat and swear. To make Aikido work one has to be like Ueshiba, has to experience violence, fear, anger, and only then, the peace and clarity of mind, because the fine feeling of other person's strength and the ability to use againt him as shown in this beautiful demo cannot work in reality if there is still a whole legion of demons inside you that block your mind and body and turn you into a wrestling dummy or a punching bag. This art is absolutely not for everyone. This is the reason so many Aikido masters, to be effective, have to integrate their training with other disciplines like Karate, Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu..

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