Expert AIKIDO Throws

Expert AIKIDO Throws

Throwtastic, throwarama, throwdown with the ultimate expert
Tetsuro Nariyama 9th Dan Aikidoka, and Shihan of the Shodokan Hombu Dojo in Osaka, Japan. He is technical director of the Shodokan AIkido Federation. He studied and was appointed by Kenjo Tomiki, one of Morihei Ueshiba’s early students and lived as Uchideshi to Hirokazu Kobayashi who was himself a later student of Morihei Ueshiba.

Filmed at the 2017 Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation Championships.
The First Junior, Youth, Cadet and Senior World Aikido Championships 2017 – Hosted by Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation.

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  1. Its just kata, nothing else… I do see the flaws though, and that being uke is not always off balance or up on his toes before the throw… Thats always a good indication the technique is working… Its what's missing in modern aikido…

  2. To everyone that says that this is fake…
    You are right.
    Even though the demonstration is very good and clearly the people in this video know that they are doing, this style of aikido is just for demonstration.
    The uke (attacker) in this video is a trained guy that knows how to follow his partners movements so he will not hurt him self. Normally in a street fight aikido will not help if you cant throw a punch or two, aikido will be effective only if the attacker is perfectly controlled by your movement, also aikido is not only to make the attacker breakfall (to throw him with a flip) because if he knows kunf fu or any other martial art he will try to kick you with the back of his leg when he fly past your head. Actually with those techniques you can break your opponent's arm or fingers or you can make him surrender with a correct lock that will drive him insane from the pain so you can disarm him. This video is clearly just to demonstrate the "hard style" moves.
    Aikido works but not like this.
    Just remember that fighting is always the last option, every martial arts specialist wishes to his students to never have to do the techniques in real life

  3. The moves work just not like this I've done tomiki aikido for 23 years . It works this is of course fake .. the uke is highly trained to attack in a certain way .fall in a certain way … this is a demo … and it isn't impressive. . Aikido is only as good as the attacks you are training to defend against and deliver .. they will never get it .. that's why I don't play there game any more.
    Guess what I can now make aikido work
    why ?
    Because we box,grapple , kick ,elbow knee.. we have no intention of letting you throw us and we do not run at each other with our arms out ..
    Aikido does work but not like this ..

  4. Fake! The dude he is doing the moves to is an amazingly trained stunt man. In reality the resistance will be much greater! The attack wasnt a real life attack its made for demonstration i personally dont think u can use any of this in a real street fight with no rules! Sorry but great video….very entertaining✌ #silatistheway

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