Fake 12th Degree Aikido Master Exposed

This Aikido master claims to be a 12th degree black belt , a representative of a special specnaz anti-terrorist self defense system and more. In this video we will take a closer look at his claims and how it’s actually easy to expose fake martial arts masters like him.

To learn more about Vladimiras Lisicynas check his website here: http://www.aikidocenter.lt/

00:00 Intro
04:41 Self-Inflamed Description
06:00 Ai Wa Kido?!
07:37 A Global Organization That Does Not Exist
10:00 12th Degree Black Belt?
12:30 Critical Look At His Top Students
14:20 Antiterrorist Self Defense System?
14:55 Pressure Testing His Credentials
19:18 Final Strike
21:29 Summary

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After six months intensive training I had my first amateur MMA fight after which I moved back to Lithuania. During all of this time I am documenting my experience through my YouTube channel called “Martial Arts Journey”.

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  1. Legit is an opinion nothing more than that. There are plenty of actual proven blackbelts I find to be jokes. As well there are many who don't have a single black belt that could jack up the majority of blackbelts. Depends on why you're training and the individual to determine on whether your legit or not. One person's legit is another's joke. Plus, if the student is satisfied with what they are leaning who is to say that instructor is legit or not? I've trained with a good amount of instructors and I can assess their skill by seeing their skills I don't care what goofy belt or uniform they wear, or what crazy credits pop out of their mouths. I actually trained with a guy who had a lot to teach and I know he lied, a lot, about his background. Didn't alter he had actual skills to teach he was just a self-absorbed, compulsive liar who happened to be good at a martial art. I've also been around very "legit" black belts who had nothing to offer me. Most cannot be objective when the word legit gets tossed about. I've always wondered where I would be placed if someone ever did a video like this about me? There are many I would categorially label as frauds and not legit but just because I do doesn't make it true or real for everyone. Example : I find no touch ko's to be one of the most fake non-legit things in martial arts but many disagree with me, my view is my view and only that. All I can say is it is a slippery slope, some will walk across easily others will stumble others will fall to their doom but who is to say it is a dangerous path to tread? The guy who easily crossed won't see it as dangerous and the dead guy, well he isn't going to complain about it either. The person who stumbled but crossed may see it either way, well I slipped but made it, so it wasn't that bad or maybe I slipped and almost died, yeah that was stupid.

  2. A lot of schools that claim to be/practice Jujutsu are 90% fake shit and the only real certificate these "Masters" have, is always in Krav Maga..When you check them online, for all of them is always the same story..

  3. The reason all fake martial arts came about in 1970 around the world was because they saw movies and thought they could do the same.

  4. Man if these guys can do it. May be I should form my own style and make myself a 20th Dan super grand pooba. Might be able to make some bucks before you or McDojo life expose me. There seem to be a lot of people willing to throw their money at anyone who claims to be an expert. I can make up names of phony styles too. Yea might have to give it a go. Wheelchair karate/Kung fu/ jujitsu all combined into a new style.

  5. Do your due diligence and see if the instructor is affiliated with a national martial art body, that they have liability insurance and first aid training. They should display their dan certificates with the Japanese embossed stamp (Hanko), and in the case of Aikido must be accredited to Hombu dojo in Tokyo no matter which style of Aikido the Sensei says he/she's from. I probably haven't covered it all but it's a start.

  6. The first red flag is the man's age. He may be in his late 50s or early 60s at the most? How would anyone of such an age receive SO many rankings and awards in so many different martial arts disciplines? Most people take their entire lives to master just one art, maybe two if they are truly a prodigy. That in and of itself seems suspect. The second red flag, aside from all the flags you mentioned here, is that NO ONE in the sport or combat Jiu-Jitsu ecosystem seems to know who this guy is, nor have I ever heard his name mentioned in any MMA school or on any competition broadcast by anyone! You would think that someone of this magnitude would at least be recognized in some way in MMA or martial arts sporting events. Someone would have to have been taught or inspired by this guy, yet that can not be confirmed by anyone reputable. Then there's everything you point out here as well. The fact that there is literally no reputable mention of this guy or any of his achievements outside of his own self-produced ecosystem is proof that he's a total fraud.

  7. The fake name thing, I dont think its an ego thing. I think its a liability thing. I used to see a bunch of these fake kung fu masters back home in brazil, and they would purposely mispronounce name of their arts so they couldnt be sued by the real organizations. And omg, brazil was super packed with these fakejutsu mastes, there was even one in this video haha

  8. 12th Dan! He's not modest is he. Who upgrades him?! I thought it only went to 10th Dan! What nonsense!
    Lots of students and money maybe even some more benefits! Corruption is always the result of temptation. This sort of thing happens more in Countries other than the U. S. although not necessarily.

  9. You're absolutely right nowadays we have a lot of fake masters using false techniques that will never work in a real fight…. I have been watching your videos…. they are awesome….

  10. I saw a Facebook post for a tenth Dan TKD master. Pretty sure he was not b.c there are like two in the world. I track back to ajjf too. Again 10th Dan in BS like self defense. – Thanks for highlighting this.

  11. I'm a 100th degree rainbow belt from hiku ku sensu fufo. I trained with a master elf and we llived inside a volcano for 30 years. I only drank 8oz of water a day and lived off lava and rocks. I can fly and my body fat fused with the lava to form a thin layer of rock throughout my whole body so no physical attacks can harm me.

  12. Good martial art teachers benefit financically from teaching too. Everybody must earn money to stay alive, one way or another. Fakers an non fakers. Making benefit from teaching should not be a red flag. I'm not sure if it is a red flag in your mind, but at least it sounded like that, based on the beginning of the video.

    Though this case looks very made up. I never heard sei soke or dai senpai words used. Senpai in martial arts is a student with longer practicing time in the art under discussion. Adding dai infront of it doesn't make it any greater, it sounds just funny. And 12th dan sounds odd too. Soke is a word usually used in old school martial arts, not modern serious martial arts.

  13. That master sensei guy all the YouTube videos on him are posted by his own organization and have the likes/dislikes disabled and comments turned off lmao.

  14. I remember training with thease guys at the temple of one hung low under the watchful eye of the ninja yogi kudo, where the knowledge from the well of wet water originated and the spirit of the ruptured duck lives in the wallets of great masters .

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