Forbidden exchange between the founder of Zero Range Combat and Aikido Master [PART1]

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About Zero Range Combat,

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Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan
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◇Aikido master × Zero Range Combat ( Tak Sakaguchi x Ryuji Shirakawa )

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  1. The 'respect' afforded All 'Masters' Sifu, Guru, Teacher, becomes Totally detrimental when They themselves are more concerned with 'Appearing' valid… that is – that their 'moves' [techniques] 'work'.
    Rather than the afar more difficult metric : Namely do you as 'Master' have the actual 'Entry' point in an AGTRESSiVE Dynamic fight! At the very Least the so called Opponents should Aggressively be Working to Oppose the 'Moves'. For example the Two 'attacker' demonstrations are USELESS as two men grabbing your arms will at the Very Least be attempting to HOLD you -NOT be compliant & just Demo bodies totally limply ,delicately hanging on to the arm [with Total Respect and No attempt to actually 'Hold' Anything for demonstration that the'Master's 'Moves' work ONLY]. Then it is the measure of the Teacher, the 'Master' to value his student's need for surviving Attack OVER their own NEED for deference. These may be fine as an initial demonstration of the 'concept' But…(1)The Technique Must work when there is dynamic resistance and Purpose with Opposition on the part of demonstration 'attackers' . (2). and this is Most important… That the Teacher /Master can demonstrate the 'Entry Point' that the Technique can be implemented as close to100% of the time, as Lives depend on this Fact!
    ONE technique can Save Your Life when it is a Real Workable Technique with Real Viable entry point(s)… placed into Muscle Memory [ it takes 2,500 repetitions With Purpose to place something into Muscle Memory- that is to Act without having to Think About the Moves/Technique before implementing same.]
    With all due respect : Which unfortunately the 'Just for fun' Demonstrations in this video do Not fulfill .

  2. 受けてる時の白川先生の嬉しそうなご様子から、先生の武術・格闘技オタクっぷりが伝わってきます。

  3. Stumbled upon this vid thinking it was going to be joke, this is actually some seriously good stuff, my thanks and appreciation to you gentlemen for this.🙏

  4. 本当に非常に参考になる動画ですね。合気道の深さと、ゼロレンジのカスタムが見事に出来上がってますね。見てて思ったけど、護身よりもほぼ瞬殺に近いですね。稲川さんは武術をウェイブしたカスタム術が、よくわかります。あらゆる武術でも、常に技を磨くよりもカスタムされて、進化するものだと思いました。

  5. Your English subtitles are very good. But I'm confused that these videos are called "Forbidden exchange…"

    I am not involved in martial arts, but I still enjoyed the videos. I liked the respect of the men for each other and their enjoyment in the moves.

  6. ほらっちょ稲川。そんな自信あるならウクライナ行ってこいよ。絶好のチャンスじゃん。それとも口だけかなぁ?wwwクネクネして気持ちわりいな。肩甲骨しか言えねーのかよww単なるミリタリーマニアだろうが。ヘコヘコした態度がめちゃくちゃ胡散臭いンだよなこの男。

  7. 比べるとそれ違うと、言われそうですが、ロープワークに通じる所がアルト感じる、締める所を締めてって所が、何を目的とするか

  8. 戦いの内容による細かい技の違い、合気道、古武術は、体術と刀剣中心に発展してきているのに対し、


  9. 興奮のレベルでしょ~!






  10. 稲川先生すごい…


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