Functional Aikido Senseis Rank Aikido Techniques | Part 2

Christopher Hein – a functional Aikido sensei who has been pressure testing his Aikido for over two decades and me, a former Aikido instructor now focused on combat sports met up to rank the best and worst Aikido techniques.

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00:00 How the techniques are ranked
00:29 Rokas ranks Rokyo
00:51 Christopher ranks Rokyo
02:21 Rokas ranks Gokyo
03:21 Christopher ranks Gokyo
04:43 Rokas ranks Koshi Nage
05:06 Christopher ranks Koshi Nage
07:05 Rokas ranks Kote Gaeshi
08:18 Christopher ranks Kote Gaeshi
09:36 Rokas ranks Shiho Nage
09:57 Christopher ranks Shiho Nage
11:20 Rokas ranks Tenchi Nage
12:06 Christopher ranks Tenchi Nage
13:26 Rokas ranks Sumi Otoshi
13:54 Christopher ranks Sumi Otoshi
14:53 Rokas ranks Udekimi Nage
15:26 Christopher ranks Udekimi Nage
16:01 Rokas ranks Aiki Otoshi
16:36 Christopher ranks Aiki Otoshi
17:34 Aikido technique ranked for combat sports
19:35 Aikido technique ranked for self defense

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  1. Rokas putting kotegaeshi at S so Chris can bid him down to that A he really wanted to fill the gap with. 😀 He wasn't kidding that his grade had all been changed. And now I'm quietly cheering for our host as he gets tenchinage and udekiminage 'correct'!

  2. Haha, I've met Claire (the lady who demoed udekeminage) in New York Aikikai when I was younger. I was in awe when I saw her. she grabbed my head, shook it, and said "Stop it! Stop it! I'm just a real person!" 🙂

  3. When I first started training in BJJ, wrist and ankle locks always seem to just present themselves, especially with Blue Belts and lower. Of course, once everyone knew I'd go for them, they stopped. No one ever talks about ude garame either, which is also called an Americana. Aikido and Judo guys know how to pull those off too, same with the kamura.

  4. I would love to video chat you and do a video about aikido I think I can give you some interesting ideas on how to make it work I usually do boxing and wrestling but I have gotten to train in karate Taekwondo judo ju jitsu would like to train some aikido as well cause I like the way it looks I think it may have some useful stuff and want to do one of these move videos

  5. In this video you guys approach aikido from a self-defence view point, it's interesting.
    The channel has always focused more on combat sports and effectivity, so wouldn't it be more on topic and perhaps more interesting if you talked to tomiki aikido people?
    They have already spent time making aikido somewhat functional or at least they've pressure tested it, so it would be very interesting if you could do like you did with judo and go check a tomiki dojo and tell us what you think.

  6. After watching these 2 videos, I have an insight into Aikido and its founder.

    合気道 Aikido. The way of the harmonization of energy. A beautiful and perfect name.
    I play tennis. I understand. It is the interaction of 2 things.

    But life is not always like that. Sometimes it is "Two men enter, one man leaves." Aikido came from Aikijtsu, that's all that lethal stuff.

    Aikido truly is an attempt to "beat swords into plowshares".

    Just look a little deeper and Aikijitsu is there. That killing stuff. Remember, that's where Aikido came from, killing with swords and daggers. It is the Real Deal.

  7. Rokyo. Illegal falling waki gatame. You drop your weight, and the arm comes off. It is not hard get down low, gravity does it for you.
    Gokyo. HIT the elbow and something will be messed up.
    Shiho Nage. Illegal in Judo. Throwing against the joint.
    Tenshi Nage. Knife hand (illegal) to the throat (also illegal).
    Udekimi Nage. Hit, snap, THEN throw.
    Aiki Otoshi. Elbow strike, then throw.

  8. The ones that I was surprised to pull off while grappling/sparring were gokyo (you call rokyo) and shihonage. But as Hein's says, they're transitory movements to get you to something else. Mostly to control the body and get to a submission. Just a small part to the larger picture. Really good stuff!

  9. For the first one in this video, rokyo you called it. Look up waki gatame from judo, I use it sometimes, and it used to be more common in judo, but I they changed the rules around it a little bit. Here's a video of Shinya Aoki using it to finish an mma fight in fact. Somewhere out there I've seen a video of a heavier weight judo guy breaking an arm with this in an older judo tournament as well.

  10. Great work!
    I live in Brazil and I used to do Aikido and BJJ some years ago. Then I quit Aikido and kept BJJ because I thought it was more fun to practice and also more useful. But after getting to know Sensei Hein through your channel' and watching all his channel stuff, Aikido started to make sense for me. It looks that the missing link for making Aikido great is just to find the right ways to spar!
    It's been amazing to watch your journey, Rokas
    Thank you both!

  11. Best Aikido techniques I learned as a child doing Aikido 1) Respect your elders (even when you think they are wrong) 2) Keep still, silent and concentrate for long periods at time (great for a hyperactive restless kid like me) 3) Just shut the fuck up and do what is asked (oh my god this is important especially in school) 4) Ukemi. Man I’m happy I know how to fall properly, because where I live it’s likelier that I slip on ice rather than someone attacking me on the street.

    After starting Aikido as a kid my grades got better, it helped with my problems with getting into fights with other kids, and the teachers always liked me after that, because I had respect and manners. Also in aikido I met hell of a lot of university educated people, which maybe helped a working class kid from a broken family like me to get a Master’s degree. It’s not all about fighting, who gives a shit if you can fight if it helps you make 50-100k a year as an adult?

    Also I have done Ikkyo in self defense situation, I love it. You can kind of do it even without the elbow control just using your hips to throw someone (it becomes a kind of basic wrestling throw then, which all aikido techniques really are, they are just taught kinda silly way), which I have done to people significantly bigger than me. It works, because, well, wrestling works.

  12. You are so good to watch in discussions with experts like yourself. You have a way of drawing more out from them and putting clarity around the topic. Also cool to witness your cycle of understanding about Aikido and openness to the process.

  13. It’s really cool to discuss your art with another person who has more experience in the same art in order to get different POV, figuring out what works and what is more a form

  14. I don't know if I would advocate using aikido techniques for self defense. Why would you use something that almost never works versus something much simpler?

    Besides protecting your own ego?

    … Why don't you go up against a muay thai or kickboxing opponent with aikido? Which of these techniques will work?

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