Girls practicing AIKIDO – AIKIDO Tribute

Girls practicing AIKIDO ! AIKIDO Tribute

I made these videos to inspire girls to learn martial arts! comment below what you think!
#Girls Power

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  1. I have a respect for Aikido. I've met a few practioners of the art in passing and I particularly like how the techniques hold true application for opponents that throw overly dedicated attacks.

  2. 一応武術は覚えておいた事に間違いないが過信は禁物!逃げるが勝ち!武術は最後の最後に自分の身を守る為のものです。

  3. Aikido is not pure martial art , it's a method to understanding the soft power and harmony. The founder didn't call it a martial art but it is the way to practice, to learn things. It's useful for people who have martial art background but useless for idiot sportsmanship and ignorant people.

  4. Its a good video but problem is aikido gives people false sence of supiriority in fight but in real life it is as useful as fire fighter under water only place aikido works is in dojo and peoples fantasy in real fights no one going to give you his hands or attack with move that you already know hi is going to use it also aikido practitionars train with other aikido practitionars they dont train with fighters who fights with different styles because its uneffective against boxing mma savate krav maga shotokan karate and other martial arts

  5. Im going to start aikido classes but i play violoncello so if i break my hand or something like that like thats not gonna happend right like im not gonna break my hand

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