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Stock picking doesn’t work. In fact, the odds of picking the right stock is worse than a coin toss.

CXO Researchers tracked thousands of predictions from well-known investing gurus, over the past 2 decades. The result? They found that the average accuracy was 47%. Worse than a coin toss.

Those aren’t great odds.

Would you gamble your financial future on a coin toss?

I’m Shane, the CEO and founder of Aikido Finance, and over the next 2 minutes, I’m going to tell you how you can improve those odds using a data-driven, rules-based approach. A quantitative approach.

Today, 60% of the top performing hedge funds are quantitative; and on a typical trading day 90% of trades are made by computers. The space has grown massively over the past decade.

Renaissance a quant firm has the best track record on Wall Street, returning 66 percent per year over the last 30-years.

However there’s a really big problem.

This form of investing is normally confined to sophisticated financial institutions. Requiring a lot of financial knowledge, coding & data-science experience, time, technology, and capital.

It has been an impenetrable space for the retail investor.

That’s where Aikido Finance comes in.

Our mission is to democratize quantitative investing. We want to level the playing field on Wall Street and empower you to build your own investment portfolio, using a systematic approach.

No coding, No hidden fees, No barrier to entry.

You can build a quant portfolio with Aikido in 3 easy steps:
1. Sign in to your stock or crypto broker through Aikido
2. Pick a quant strategy from our catalog
3. Build a portfolio and the trades are sent straight to your broker

It’s that simple. Just you and your portfolio, using a strategy backed by evidence.

Quantitative investing has the potential to provide higher returns, reduce stress, and greatly decrease the time it takes to build a portfolio.
It is the modern way to invest.

At Aikido we believe in data, we believe in evidence, and we believe in the scientific method. We believe in the systematic and structured approach.

So, Put the power of data behind your investing.
Make decisions based on evidence not emotion.

Invest smart. Invest Aikido.



  1. How can you be sure that your algorithms aren't just overfitted to maximise the profits in the given backtests? Also how many trades does your algorithms make? High frequency or just ocassionally?

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