Handling Real Strikes with Aikido

In this video I discuss the difficulty in catching real punches and making a technique happen. In my opinion, many aikido students only experience slower, classroom striking and are surprised at how fast a real punch is thrown and withdrawn. Many students feel they are supposed to make a technique happen every time a fist comes at them. I want to dispel this myth and point out that not getting hit is the real point. A technique will eventually find its place. My traditional Boxing friend, Justin, helps me illustrate this concept by trying to punch me with real speed and in real time. Justin does not practice any throwing martial arts and knows no ukemi; therefore, I do not throw him. I explain some timing issues with catching a”real” punch and talk about the need to be comfortable knowing that a strike is coming at you.



  1. I would never believe anything coming from a Steven Seagal wanna be, pony tail and all. Ai-can't-do practitioners are phenomenal against cooperating players. Against real, determined, professional fighters, however…

  2. Hate to break it to you, but real attackers dont do neat little boxing jabs. In real fights most people comes in with full force swings. In those cases aikido might actually work if you are good enough. I know all this because I have sadly been in many real life situations.

  3. So how Many 15 Minute Rounds do you really think that you could Last Against THIS BOXER and could you even Last through seven 3 minute Rounds without completely Failing to Defend Yourself after just Two or Three Rounds ? Just Curious !

  4. Sorry but an amateur boxer will hit you three times before you lift your hands .
    And that's s guarantee .
    Please dont give these fake illusions to people

  5. Bro just chill with this stuff ya there might be some actual useful stuff in Aikido but overall it is not for actually fighting and that doesn’t even matter if it gets someone active and they like doing it more power to them to many obese people draining Heath care system out there

  6. Anyone who's ever experienced joint manipulation will know exactly how painful it is. Judo, BJJ, Aikido, Hapkido, Catch Wrestling, etc… Personally, I would favor the boxer in a street fight, but I know that if that boxer gets caught he's going home with a broken arm.

  7. So… if you can move a whole body as fast as a punch, and the other guy do not move, do not do any footwork, and do only one strike at the time… than, maybe, you have a chance to use aikido hahaahahaha

  8. 6:36, the boxer is far too compliant with the theoretical grabs of the aikido practitioner. It practically turns into a swing dance session where he's leading, and they laugh it off before allowing a real-time conflict.

  9. Most fights are dealt with drunk people and people that really don't know how to fight they think they do and they don't and aikido will work against those people but you must practice the art

  10. oh my god this is literal horse shit imaginary techniques that don't work in real life. Do you see this shit in the UFC? no, you don't, because it's fairy tale mma

  11. Your partner boxing is shit he lean to punches and after 10 punch he went out of breath so bring real boxer , dude its 2021 and you are full of shit with respect

  12. It is very unlikely that aN active boxer will enter into a fight with an aikido practitioner, reason being both are taught discipline (hopefully)
    O'sensei designed the counter move to a punch from someone who is likely to punch through naturally, but then again o'sensei could dodge lightning fast sword strikes and stabs from any angle, SO YOU ARE RIGHT TO BE PREPARED AND ACT RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING.

    Often in real life many factors could prevent one from acting at the beginning. Factors such as, maybe your holding a drink, or a bag of groceries. Maybe you work in law enforcement and have strict company or superior rules of engagement.
    So alternatively train to take, receive and absorb blows, then after one or two punches you can time the boxer and eliminate him.

  13. Man, you can only do this in slow motion, let the boxer connect a storm of punches and you could even have no time to make your slow dance with bla bla bla indications

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