How to Do Aiki Otoshi | Aikido Lessons

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Okay, this next technique is called Aiki Otoshi. This isn’t one of the most basic techniques that you’ll see, but you will come across it in general training. Again, the Aiki comes from the basic name of aikido which means to blend your energy. The otoshi part of the technique is a drop. So, this is a blending drop. So, if we start with yoko hanmi katatori. One of the most basic ways for us to get into position for Aiki Otoshi is to remove my partner’s hand and I’m also going to toss his up in the air as I slide underneath. And I want to be able to have my partner kind of sandwiched between my arm and my knees that’s back behind my partner’s legs. Reach down and I’m going to clamp my knees together and lift up and away. This is a basic form of Aiki Otoshi, a blending drop. Move to the side, remove my partner’s hand as I go underneath. Take the knees and lift up and away. You shouldn’t feel yourself using too much effort or force to lift the knees. If you find yourself getting here and trying to lift your partner straight up, you’re going to run into a lot of weight. So, in order to get that to work smoothly, again, collapse the knees together and I want to lift the knees up and away. Not directly toward me. Together. For a more dynamic sense of Aiki Otoshi or this movement, it becomes more of a projection. So, I’m going to use my center to knock his away. It’s almost like you are playing billiards or croquet where one ball hits another one and makes it move. Away. Arm comes up and moves straight through your partner. Also from yokomenuchi, another attack. And that was Aiki Otoshi, the blending drop.



  1. This would never work in an actual fight. People are not slow irl by the way, nor are they that weak that you could easily remove their hands and go through the entire motion of stepping to the side. How slow would a person be to not counter or adjust to this.

  2. Very good demonstration. I'm the Tomiki lineage we call that gedan ate and it is considered one of the most basic 17 kihon waza. different lineages have so much overlap, but real diversity in what is taught first and strongly emphasized.

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