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This technique is called ikkyu, which is the first in the series of techniques our sensai established for us. One of the most basic forms we can look at is from ai han mi, kate datori. Again, like in all of our other techniques, I don’t want to fight directly with my partner’s line of strength. So I’m going to follow my own. This is actually quite easy to move. So both hands up, away from his line of strength, and I’m going to slide forward. My back hand is going to meet the elbow and turn the hips. Urime, step in. Urime toward the side. Again, shoulder to the ground, and down for a pin.

This isn’t one of the more painful pins, but it works very well in terms of keeping your partner immobilized. Hands up and slide your body forward. Turn the hips, step in, and out. Again, in almost every technique in aikido we have one variation that goes to the front side and one variation that goes to the back side. The back side wura, hands come up. Instead of sliding to the front, I’m gong to take a step irini, to the back. Tenkan and continue to turn all the way down. Hands up, irini, tenkan, kaiten. So the imote variation. Irini, irini, ura, and ura. Ikkyo, number one.



  1. Good tutorial for beginners, except it's impossible to see your legs movement because of your hakama (but thank you that you name the movements), plus you didn't show well how to pin the elbow. So, for totally beginners it is worth to give more detailed explanation of every step of the technique and even show those steps several times in a slow motion. Other than that it's a good reference for those who already knows all those details. Thank you!

  2. Good video for beginners, even if it becomes a little fuzzy at the end when the sensei goes fast to make his moves more dramatic, thus less effective ! I'd like to see an advanced class !

  3. I loved your technique but how can I got connected? I was born one and most time when I move I finds the intruders in away and they beats me. So I want some techniques that would help me in my feature.

  4. I am a beginner and have been watching Aikido teaching videos online for a month now. This set of videos posted by Mike Jones is one of the best. The sensei here demonstrated the technique in both slow and fast motion with clear instructions. It learned a lot through these videos and it helped me to correct my mistakes and improve my understanding outside the dojo. I am a big fan.

  5. If your learn aikido at least one year , you understand how difficult make what you see to be useful . Most of masters of aikido have an opinion that ikkyo is formality and its usefulity formality too. Another thing if we talk about gokyu or hidzakimi osae . But in this and the meaning to make ikkyo useful . If you have done it open way to understanding of the other techniques. No one in dojo where I teach can't say me that my ikkyo not useful and more when I say it all are laughing. I have complex of exersices for training ikkyo. My site about ikkyo is aiki-tip . top

  6. Ikkyo is the one of the foundamental techniques becouse there is no painful unit and for the same reason way it's very difficult for execution. My experience tell me that free hand of torri must enter into the elbow as second top of the entrance tyan(sky).

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