How to Do Kaiten Nage | Aikido Lessons

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Okay this next technique is called Kaitan Nage which literally translates to a wheel throw and you can see the shape as I throw my partner here.

We will start again with a basic starting point that we have seen before. So as we have demonstrated before I want to lead my partner, get out of the way, use my extension, and bring my partner around as I drop my weight. I need to drop low so that I can get on top of my partner.

As I stand up my partner does not. Extend so that you can see the shape of the wheel on my partner as I push the hand all the way over his back. Tenkhan, extend and drop your weight and take your partner’s head as you stand and extend. Kaitan Nage.

So basic types of and body movement Tenkhan, get off the line of attack, extend and drop your weight, make sure your partner is faced down as you stand up and extend. You can see this from other attacks. Shomanuchi, [?]. You can speed things up a little bit, so Shomanuchi again. That was Kaitan Nage wheel throw.



  1. I wish we had a deeper study on the sped up shomen uchi attack 1:34 we get to see uke while still standing and the kaiten nage technique seems to work based on nage turning and moving himself with his hand on uke neck on a standing uke. The other ways he brought the uke head down first.

  2. I'm not going to lie, until I watched your videos I did not appreciate Aikido at all.

    First of all you look like a movie star, secondly your Technique is so incredibly crisp and focused ❤

  3. This Mike Jones has great control over his uke – respectful control also allowing him ukemi dynamics all the way. Good lad. Gambatte!

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