How to Do Kotegaeshi | Aikido Lessons

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Kotegaeshi is the next technique we’re going to take a look at. It literally means wrist twist. If you start with kakataetori. I want to step offline and away from the attack. Ten kon. Bring the hand in front of me. The free hand is going to rest right on top of my partners. Take a look. I’ve got my thumb right in between the ring and pinkie finger. My fingers inside the palm. As I step back and my partner turns to face me, I want to match my fingers right on top of my partners and point all of this at the floor as I move. Turn the hips. Fingers down to the floor. Make sure I’ve got the hand position. Ten Kon. Then I take one more step back and match fingers to fingers, when all of that is right at the floor. Down. We can also see this from ski. Same movement. Same movement. Yokomunushi will change things a little bit, but the basic technique, still there. Kotegaeshi. Wrist twist.



  1. I was brought here by the Aikido vs BJJ video, for I heard one commenter say that he used to practice AIkido, had a guy in his club doing MMA, and heard that guy saying that the only thing in Aikido that really worked in MMA was this; Kotegaeshi.

  2. lmao. not usable. not realistic. but thanks for the dancing video. he gave up his back, i see a RNC instantly after backtake. or a wrestling back take for suplex or your taste. or just a complete loss of grip in the middle if the guy is fighting back even 20%.

  3. 0:32 all very well and good when your partner turns to face you in the dojo.
    Not very useful in the real world when someone offering real resistance steps back and yanks their arm free.

  4. It's no secret in the MMA community that Aikido isn't practical. But seeing how he does the movement at the end, full speedm, I can definitely get how someone can get the impression that it would be useful. He moves very quickly, and with a lot of grace.

    Just because it isn't fight-applicable doesn't mean I can't appreciate it.

  5. I found Aikido to be counter-intuitive. For me, Judo seemed the simplest and more intuitive. Please note that the Tokyo police have a special unit well trained in Aikido, so it's a perfectly effective (and relatively gentle) martial art.

  6. you will eat a round house while trying to do that. Actually you will generate the momentum necessary to be hit pretty hard while trying to take him to the ground in that manner.

  7. I did this in a street fight and it works! my opponent grabbed my wrist I then proceeded to do the technique and he fully cooperated with the steps and willingly threw himself on the floor!

  8. I look at this move as the "hammer and nail." When in a street fight, and once you have a free hand and your thumb is in place – that is the "nail". With extreme force slam your open palm as a hammer into your thumb and break the wrist. Don't tap – SLAM – utilize your breathing techniques and yell on impact. Destroy your opponent…

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