How to Do Nikyo | Aikido Lessons

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Henikio, the next technique that we’re going to demonstrate here.

Nikio, comes from knee, or the number two in Japanese language. So, this is the second basic technique that our sensei established for us. If we start with Giacahame Katadatori, one of the easiest ways to get here, or to Nichio, rather, I’m going to move offline, so tension movement.

And I want to make sure that my partner has something to run into, so I don’t pull this hand into me. Let him run into this had, I’m going to trail all the way down his arm to take the back of the hand, grab the wrist as I lift it up and place it on my shoulder and just compress as I bow towards my partner. This is probably one of the more painful things we do in ichido so it’s good to stay relaxed and move with the pin. Take the elbow, turn it over and place the shoulder on the floor. Get down in position for the pin that accompanies this, Nichio.

Tension movement, down to find the hand, lift up, grab the wrist, over to the shoulder and compress. Shoulder over on the ground, make the transition for the pin. You can find this from lots of different positions, again stramanuchi …ski…morotetori…tataminuch.

Ok, Nichio, number two.



  1. The closer you are to the other person and the danger, the better off you are actually. The ukemi for Nikyo is to move as close as possible to the nage and hella relax. It doesn't hurt nearly as much that way–if you are at full extension however… that hurts. A lot.

  2. I learned nikyo a little differently. Rather than compressing their arm against my body, I would move my hand around their arm to get them in the nikyo position, and then push my hand over and down to make them kneel, kind of like a waterfall, if that makes sense.

    Do you think I'm learning a different kind of aikido?

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