How to Do Shihonage | Aikido Lessons

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This next technique is called shihonage, which translates as the four directions throw. This is a wonderful technique to take a look at, and see how the sword work that we do in Aikido translates directly to the movement that we use in open hand. We start with the.

One of the basic things that I need to consider always is to get offline and away from the attack. I’m going to change my body 90 degrees, take the wrist, lift straight up in front of my face again like a sword, step through, turn and cut. Offline, lift, step through, and again like the sword, if I’m holding a sword in my partners hand here, you don’t cut with the handle of the sword.

You want to extend and cut with the tip of the sword, which we’re going to think about as my partner’s arm. So as you cut and extend out, it should bend your partner’s back and take her balance. It should not be a throw where you just yank down and try and cut with the hand. Extend the elbow out and down. As this begin to progress and you make the cuts happen a little bit faster, you’ll see how this changes the style a little bit. To the side, lift and cut. Shihonage, four directions throw.



  1. Maybe to mention that the way of the sword is kaesagiri, means that you escort your partner right before you. You do not throw him right away.
    Thank you for these videos.

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