How to take someone down fast with Aikido

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  1. We are planning an expansion of our Youtube channel so we are looking for people that are interested in helping out on the channel.
    You don’t need to be an expert you just need to want to get involved.
    We are also looking for people that have some experience in aikido/ judo or any martial art that has falls, as you will need to be able to roll !
    If you are interested send us a direct message (DM) either on the Youtube channel or facebook/twitter.
    You need to either live or be able to get to London (UK) as that’s where we run our Youtube channel from.

  2. I've been fighting random bullies at school (I'm 13) and they gang up on me with s4+ every time they come I use my skills (I have been training in fighting with my retired navy father) and I manage to take multiple people down Idk how they havnet learnt there lesson yet but i didnt harm them too much yet becuase i dont want to go to juvie any way i came here to see what people are up to now and how i can defend against other people that are trained in fights I met a person like that with the bullies and I have been mainly focused on avoiding them instead of fighting but when I need to I do

  3. im a 4"10 girl in 9th grade, i weigh about 80 pounds abt to fight a guy whos about the same as me. we are both scranny vut hes harrassing my friend so i need to know how to get him on the grounf fast so i can get on top of him and beat his incel ass face into his skull

  4. I don't mean to offend you but this seems like pure fantansy, you better pay an untrained guy, put him on security equipments, let him attack you with full force, then we see if these moves work in real life

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