How to use Dark Aikido to Break Anyone*

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  1. how came up with stuff in the first place ? i hate evil people too . and i don't hate anyone , but for the grace of GOD their go i , but their is 2 things i hate in this world , ignorance , and evil .

  2. When you deflected the first punch you missed an opportunity when you punched your attacker in the ribs. A spear – hand to his right arm pit (up into the shoulder joint) could have made his arm useless with less damage. Your attacker's second swing may not have happened, take what's available.

  3. The arm bar leverage point over the shoulder is a solid technique, but Idk about that spinning the attacker around part. Real fights are chaotic, and it's rare for people to react in the way (spinning around trying to deliver another punch) such a reactionary technique requires.

  4. Hang on, did you speak to Stephen Lawrence's parents before you used him as subject matter in a video teaching potentially lethal moves for people who are untrained? Not everyone who watches your crap is a martial artist. Shame on you – you could get someone killed!

  5. Probably a difference in muscle memory and training….. but I've got a mental block against giving my back to the opponent as shown in the last portion of this sequence…..

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