I Thought Aikido was Bullshit

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  1. It is bullshit. Yes it works against people that don't know any martial art but that shouldn't be the point. If a martial art is useful then it should be useful against someone who knows what they're doing not just joe bag of donuts. Great it works … Accept against boxers, BJJ wrestlers and kickboxers. Great martial art.

  2. I like ur char but i think akido ist not the effective way to selfdefense. The only aikido style i saw working was aikijujutsu but has also punches in it. ur movement looked like that. But as u said the opponent pull his arm back so i habe to close the gap… then its grappling range i would prefer wrestling or bjj for tjat instead

  3. Listen to this moron. Please use your combat aikido technique in a real fight, record it and post it on youtube. And you don't need to fight pro fighter, just find a regular guy who is willing to fight.

  4. I honestly feel for people who spend years practicing a martial art only to have the internet expose it as a completely fraudulent waste of time for self defense. If you're seeking spiritual gratification go ahead do some aikido but if you want to learn self defense please go learn to to box or wrestle.

  5. Do all aikido teachers teach for combat as well? I am a security guard and am looking to learn some form of self defence system to give me a bit more confidence at work to be able to protect myself and restrict an offender. I’m just trying to figure out which form of marital art would be most suited to what I need

  6. I trained with my uncle Maximo Tian (now deceased, was one of the original practitioners in Cebu , Philippines, He established the Cebu Ki Society ), for 3 years way back in 1985 , he banned sparring in the dojo because of a serious injury during a spar between a Judo opponent. In Judo, they practice resistance, or to resist any moves..The judo practitioner resisted while his hand was held for a throw…the result was a serious broken wrist…for me if in real full contact combat with no "holding back" …Aikido do make very serious injuries.

  7. There is something called shodokan aikido which has tournaments shodokan is exactly like judo the only difference is in shodokan aikido tournaments they can't grab uniform other than that it is like judo plus in there sparring they spar an opponent who is fighting back if you want to take aikido take shodokan aikido.

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