1. I 100% want to train Judo at some point, but I'd also like to put some time into Seagal's Tenshin Aikido too. I honestly think it's similar thing to other martial arts that have been shit on for years. The tools are good, but the system of training is shit and people have forgotten how to apply these things correctly. I view Aikido as something to compliment Judo. I'm no expert on it, but I do feel if you cross train and spar good grapplers long enough, it is possible to figure it out.

  2. There is a difference from bullshito aikido and real shit that has good grappling and takedowns yet the amount of fake no touch knockout. I like judo and bjj more but aikido can be effective if used correctly and not Steven Segal fake shit

  3. everything combat sport technique practiced thousands of times might be effective as self defense, most were created removing dangerous stuff from fighting arts. Even talking shit thousands of times might be effective for self defense when the time comes.

  4. Joe is very good and knowledgeable…

    I trained in TangSooDo for 3 years and then realized Judo for 7 years and both I tried to train at least 3 times every week … Judo was so much more important especially being a highly paid Gentleman's Club Mgr / bouncer in younger years ( for ten years late 80s to late 90s …it paid great for that type work ) ….

    Back then few guys trained in martial arts 25 -30 years ago when I started…. when I needed to put a submission on a problem patron it always got it solved ….in those days other customers called me " Segal " lol … because they rarely saw guys get a quick sleep from a rear choke 😉

    in recent years so many people are into martial arts and MMA training… it's incredible… it's now one of the biggest participation sports activities in the world…

    My Judo training was with a ground fighting legend in the US … Fred Murty was 5x United States Judo Champion….

    We were always good buddies … he often came to my club … it was like a night off … as far as concerns about problems with unruly customers…

    Even though I am 6'4" 250 could always handle the job…

    a 5x American Judo Champ is the highest level of equalizer in keeping the night peaceful for the customers

    But I enjoy listening to Joe's take on all fighting sports …. he's informed and has good fighting experience himself….. with the guest's he has on there is always something interesting to learn …. very good program imo….

  5. Judo is great for one on one combat against someone of ANY size standing up, or on the ground. Aikido is great against multiple attackers coming at you all at once only when your standing up, not on the ground.

  6. Wow i was expecting this guy to say aikido is trash lol. But he was completely right. Aikido is not made to kill like western martial arts like bjj boxing and mma. It is made to disengage an opponent. So they use grapples and locks so in one move they can snap elbows and dislocate shoulders. Martial arts or budo as its called in japan, but all martial arts is an expression through fighting or a lifestyle. Thats what the word "do"means. aikido means way of harmonious energy. Its a lifestyle that practices self defense and ending fight quickly. iaido means to be consiously be alert. It is a martial art that uses a sword to end fights quickly. Its what the samurai used. Martial arts is a spectrum and has different uses. Like music. 80s rock and jazz are very differnt but are music. You might have a prefernce but are for differnt people. Those who play jazz cannot play in a band with a rock band and vice versa. ALthough it would be fun. Boxing cant compete with iaido or kendo or even tiger style as 1 boxing is restrictive as you cannot redirect punches like aikido, wing chun or kung fu. You can only block dodge swat away or take the blow. But that doesnt mean its trash. Western martial arts is a sport. Made for spectecle and fun rather than the health like most asian martial arts. Think about why Muhammad ali died. He got permanent brain damage. It is clear that boxing does not promote health. It is a spport. I know karate and kung fu tounements exist but that is not its original intent. Boxing was made for spectecle.Neither is bad.

  7. Judo is one third of the equation. The other two pieces are boxing and Krav Maga. If a man knows judo, boxing, and Krav Maga, he’s unbeatable. The old man was Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, and the highest ranking Judoka. I know because I’ve been in Judo since 1967.

  8. Aikido is effective when done well. Everything on YouTube is the 'ideal' harmonious scenario. In application aikido becomes oyo waza where it is more direct and very powerful.

    It is not in the leagues of judo, mma. Bjj etc. for one on one but it was designed for multiple assailants in a chaotic environment. This is where it shines.

  9. Bjj is based on ppls who tested positive for steroids. Sakuraba was the legend and judo is the ruling discipline. Ask David Douillet.
    Édit: figjt me on that. David Douillet was THE ultimate fighter.

  10. Joe Rogan thanks for trying to be civil about Aikido. Would suggest reading Kano's comment on Aikido. Would also like to see you interview some Aikido people like Saotome, a uchi deshi of Ueshiba, or some of his top students like Hiroshi Ikeda, George Ledyard, Bill Gleason.ect… Oh and to say attacks don't happen often like that. Better look at a few more videos. Rarely do people face off engaging were boxing style punches are applied. Watch MMA and how many over extended punches are thrown. But thanks again

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