1. I have been training Aikido for 3 years right now. The fact that is Aikido never start the fight. It is just for defense, waits for the attack but Aikido demonstration are absolutely amazing if two sensi are doing it.
    If I do even I am doing it super slowly, I usually make wrong move lol. I would suggest you to choose
    ju jutsu due to my experience of aikido

  2. When your mom trying to Woop you instead she remembers the move from jiujitsu on YouTube and says want some candy but when you come she fake it and throw you arross the room 🤣😂😂.

  3. I didn't think I could miss anything as much as I miss doing Jujitsu. Man, this brings back some happy and awesome (and painful) memories!! I miss all of the amazing people I used to train with. I loved every second of the 20 years I put in to this amazing Martial Art.

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