1. It works ! Aikido aint ufc nor mma etc,,its about stopping fights,,not getting involved. I worked doors 13 yrs,,then worked in prisons 13 yrs,,seen riots,fights,stabs,death,,,seen it all. I lived but remember yrs ago drunk grabbing both my wrists on dance floor,,he was pissed and stoned on coke,,as kick boxer i with held unsure what to do,,if i kick him i am looking at jail time,,i froze,,unaware what to do,,,after that i proceeded to aikido and in minutes learned technique to escape same,,i seen its merit then. Aikido in ufc age looks ballet,,we want blood,,guts and snot but its just the mass want of today,,hell even khabib wrestles oppents to loss,,,still mass crowds will scream boring,,,but it woks,,it's not all fire and fireworks,,aikido has its place as it always preched,,its way of peace,,aka fight stopper.

  2. i don't like the aikido philosophy if a guy is going to do you harm all bets are off i don;'t care about his well being this is the problem with traditional arts in general their way of thinking is not modern it's stuck in centuries that have passed that budo code is long gone

  3. began martial arts at 12, am 52 now. Began with Shorin Ryu but quickly moved to Kali were I spent most of the beginnings of my life long training. Then I found MMA which led me to BJJ, there go's many more years. 15 years ago I found Aikido and it has been my primary art since. I will always be influenced by my other training but it now all flows together seamlessly through my Aikido.

  4. Aikido is effective "on the street" provided you train for that purpose. It's not the "style" of martial art, but the style of training which determines this.

    The fact that Yoshinkan is part of police training should be more than enough to prove its legitimacy. Security personnel in the US and UK use it too.

    Any art can be taught with more focus on philosophy, spirituality, mental discipline, physical fitness, or self defense. You fight how you train, and you train how you fight.

    I am a long time aikidoka and just breaking into aikido teaching.

    I follow in the Iwama style as it was taught to my sensei in Japan. At advanced levels, we include things like real striking and limb destruction as opposed to typical "submission" type neutralization.

    By learning control first you learn to control not only violent attackers, but the violence within yourself. This is a key feature of the deeper aspects of aikido, and part of its beauty and appeal.

    Performing ara-waza (the "crude techniques" which do serious damage) is serious business. We regard it as a sad thing if it comes to this, so only go that far if we absolutely must but you can see some examples of it in my videos.

    I hope to produce a lot more videos soon. Support on Patreon really helps. My goal is to start an organization for the functionalization of all traditional martial arts.

  5. throwing people around like rag dolls,using there energy to do it with,the art of unbalancing,and you not trained ,you will land hard,sometimes too hard,JAPANESE POLICE STUDY THIS,no games,and they apprehend karate fighters

  6. Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu is a real martial art but the dance practice by people is CRAP ! Only a fool would call that "martial" !! There is no such thing as a non violent martial art by definition you have to deal with violence with violence or you get dead real quick… today people attack with knives and bottles and anything else ! Daito ryu as practiced by the guy who taught Usheba sensei was deadly …and the guy was only 4ft 11"!!!

  7. A ballad dancer has a better chance in a fight then a akido practitioner. At least ballad dancers have strong legs and are light on their feet. Seriously I will choose a Ballad dancer over an akido practitioner in a real fight.

  8. I'm 55, been training since 14 – kempo, tkd, kickboxing, then found aikido in '89. I tried getting back into kempo a few years back, and my body started to break down with hip and knee trouble. aikido gives me little trouble, and I feel like I'm still getting better every year. this is the art I'm practicing until I die. Train well, friends.

  9. It's a shame that we don't have any Yoshinkan Aikido dojos in Nevada. I really like the hard style of Yoshinkan. We do have other styles here but they don't appeal to me.

  10. Just as there are some great mma fighters, and some not-so-great, there is a range of abilities for aikidoka. But before you make ridiculous comments about its practicality, go find a really skilled aikido sensei, and put your hands on them. You'll probably end up on the ground, with a broken wrist, wondering how the hell you got there. I trained in hard styles for 15 years before finding aikido. I scoffed at first, but it only took falling from 2 or 3 magnificent throws to recognize the art's effectiveness. Another 25 years on, and I'm still learning something new every time I train.

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