Old Friends | Bria Battles with 3 Warriors! AKEDO: Ultimate Arcade Warriors | S01E03

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Bria runs into her old friend Maddy, who she knows from when she was on Team Ward. Maddy tells her she has left Team Ward too and can help Bria get back the Arcade Warriors Ward stole from her. But Ward’s not going to give them up that easily!

Join the battle. Become a legend. READY, FIGHT, SPLIT STRIKE!

Get to know the toy: Mini Battling Action Figures with Next Level intensity! All the extreme moves of arcade fighting games has leapt off the screen and into your hands for some REAL battling action! Choose your Warrior, battle with fury and finish them with a Split Strike! – GAME OVER! Take on and challenge your friends as you battle to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior.

Welcome to Akedo, the world’s biggest virtual reality tournament! Gamers choose from a range of powerful and quirky Akedo Warriors to battle in the ultimate fighting game mashup.  Jet, Bria and Cub are three players determined to become Ultimate Akedo Champions, but they’ll soon find out that not all gamers play fair.
Join the battle. Become a legend.

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