Powerful Aikido girl ( Wakayama Takemusukan dojo )

http://www.takemusukan.com/takemusukan-index.html ( Wakayama Takemusukan Honbu Dojo)

http://sports.geocities.jp/kinomotoshibu/ (Wakayama Takemusukan Kinomoto Dojo)

(wakayama Takemusukan Culiacan Sinaloa Mexicoa)



  1. Terrible form. Lots of empty time where the uke is just standing there like a prat waiting for her to catch up and contrary to the description, there is no "power" here.
    More worryingly, these are techniques for children and beginners, designed to teach form and position against a stylised attack. If she's a black belt, she should be performing technique against real world attacks – even in a demo.

  2. Kind of sad that in the interest of "political correctness" she tests for 3rd degree black belt without anyone really testing her, and the full cooperation of all of her "attackers".  In earnest she should not accept a 3rd Dan rank or even a Dan rank for that matter:(

  3. Decent choreography . Her training partner is in excellent shape considering his age. But prepare to die if you think this is going to work against a real life aggression .

  4. Her timing isn't so bad, it's the lack of follow thru in some of the finishes that stands out eg: when she clotheslines his neck, her arm seems loose. It also doesn't help her that uke isn't really committing.in a convincing fashion.

  5. That old guy is in great shape. For me, the key thing learning how to fall. I haven't gotten in a fight since 8 grade, but I've fall from playing sports all the time. Why learn something where you will be grounded and pounded, which by the way, is exactly thing you don't want to happen to you?

  6. So what happens when a black belt judoka walks in and really starts hurting people? Choreography doesn't work. This is why Tomiki Aikido is better, they spar all the time instead of dancing around.

  7. ex element presentation.a nice little girl executed well the techniques!!!image e this girl being really threatened and her run it right instinct comes on..I would not want to be there…

  8. These friends present their arms and hands exactly the way that has been agreed upon before. I wouldn't be so kind and that little sweetmeat would be chanceless.

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