Real Aikido Expert Proves Rokas (the "Martial Arts Journey" guy) was wrong about Aikido!

In this video, Remy and I talk about how Aikido is actually effective, despite what most people think. However, a big part of the reason stems from the way several people train and teach it. This video is also a response to a video Rokas put out titled “Was I Wrong about Aikido”. He runs the popular YouTube channel Martial Arts Journey.

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  1. I see all these comments frequently about multiple attackers.
    In the past 35 plus years I have literally only seen three multiple attacker situations. And none of them were three on one it was like more than one person against more than one person.
    And nowadays everybody would rather record the fight then jump in on the fight.
    I have seen hundreds of videos where multiple people are recording the two individuals fighting and screaming world Star

  2. "What the hell were you doing for 15 years… …you never sparred anyone…" – the whole point is that he was doing what Aikido teachers told him to do (and when he started branching out into other arts his teachers told him to stop). Aikido is inherently about teaching people to do katas and start being compliant in grappling. You can't get around that. The techniques can be useful but pedagogy is not.

  3. I tend to look at aikido as a "complimentary" martial art, with some effective aspects like small joint manipulation and use of leverage that work well when combined with other disciplines. It's not useless per sé, but it is at a severe disadvantage by itself against more complete styles.

  4. The most important thing you have to ask yourself is why Aikido gets so much criticized .
    The answer is very simple.
    Everyone would love to use it effectively , and when i say everyone i mean everyone…
    That's why they are Keep coming back again and again.
    People love the softness and natural resources of Aikido by default.
    Deep inside we all criticize what we hate or what we can't achieve, and that's the human nature.
    Ps : I'm not an Aikido practitioner at all – never tried it and probably never will .
    I have a martial arts experience of over 40 years and i run my own Dojo somewhere on this planet , and what i teach is irrelevant if that's your question .
    Stay safe and train smart .
    OSS 🙏🙏

  5. Roka is just a Skinny Puppy,that cant hit a Fly,so he thinks that his Aikido is Uneffective becase his training and sparring methods are wrong,why he did not crossover the sparring with Krav Maga masters,KM uses Aikido armbars and Throws,my advice is,People should Study Dai To Ryu and forget Aikikai Snowflakes for ever….

  6. In mma you cant use small joint lock and in aikido all skills is small joint lock. It is so stupid that people say aikido cant be used in mma just to ridicule it

  7. I really like that you're facilitating a fair defense for Aikido.
    For me, I think this whole conversation (in terms of critical analyses of Aikido and it's alleged lack of real world application), is stupid.
    Here's why:
    Because, as Remy said, Aikido trains principles.
    Why is that so important?
    Well, because its roots are based in a battlefield where swords were used & multiple people were charging at you with said swords.
    Wtf would YOU do in that scenario?
    Wait for the referee to break it up?

    Let's try a different example:

    What do you do if a bull is charging you?

    Do you:
    A. Throw a jab?
    B. Head butt?
    C. PULL GUARD???

    How about 5 bulls?

    There, I have just explained how principles work (in the context of this conversation).


    If you're an Aikidoka, and you're in a MMA match, you have already lost.

  8. Remy is totally speaking from the depth of my heart. There are so many reasons, why Rokas failed against this MMA fighter. Rokas knowing just 1 martial arts, while the other one knows at least one mixed form of MA or even more. Rokas way of training is training form not how to fight. And then trying to catch the punches of a MMA fighter is just stupid too. But the sad thing is that so many dojos train that way, without the spirit of budo.

    I had the great benefit that I started Aikido in a dojo where my sensei was Uchi deshi (house student) for 1 year at the dojo of Saito Sensei in Iwama, one of the students of the founder. And yes there were the generic Aikido lessons with Katas and Techniques. But AFTER these generic lessons, there was sparring, playing with techniques, testing them out, and of course there were also punches and kicks. So everyone who says, training with punches and kicks is not Aikido, doesnt really know what Aikido is or better said, doesnt understand the budo part of Aikido.

    Meanwhile I have some students in the dojo, who are working as security and the Aikido they learned works very well for them. Of course we do sparring in our training, of course we train kicks and punches and many other stuff. We also have kick boxing equipment to give the students a feeling, what effect a hit has and to spar with that stuff. And almost everyone in our dojo accidently received at least one hit without protection in the training, but that is ok, because you cant be really good in fight, if you dont know, how a hit feels like. And after someone hit you, you know you did something wrong and next time you wont make the same mistake again.

  9. REMY is so right on ROKAS…all this years ROKUS being training wrong, not cross training or applying Aikido under pressure. Now ROKUS is crying like a baby.

  10. Just browsing guys. What I saw of Aikido (4 yrs Butokukahn) f/ Aikido flow looked really effective three ways to knock someone out. But man maybe your bud has just had a couple too many or a good neighbor had a PTSD episode. I don't want to pullout my punches kicks on that situation so I want a little something else softer. You don't want to be putting your friend in the hospital just because he had a few too many or snapped for a little while like when he's (Remey is bouncing) it's not an at war situation no need to snap that arm off. And f/ what I'm finding Aikdo has alot to offer w/ that but it also does look like a bit more training on more complex techniques. But hey guys appreciate the info. And Cheers.

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