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The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique – Rokkyo

Ken Watanabe Sensei, Aikido 6th Dan, Iaido 5th Dan explains the basics of Rokkyo (六教) or “The sixth control hold” in Aikido. Rokkyo may seem like a simple armbar, but it is one of those techniques which illustrates one’s true level of ability. Even though it seems “simple,” it still requires that one neutralize the attack, manage the connection and break the opponent’s balance. Watanabe Sensei demonstrates rokkyo from munetsuki or thrust to the midsection.

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Sometimes there’s no time to read a lengthy message or watch a long documentary. So we’ve created these quick and easy 2 minute techniques to help you improve your Aikido technique and knowledge. Keep an eye out for them every Wednesday. 


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  1. Asked a lot of times about Aikido locks in Aikido community. What do you mean by saying 'lock'? Is it joint pressure or something extra? Sometimes ikkyo to gokyo called 'lessons'. If so what they taught?

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