1. Wonderful. I never met him, but I did have the opportunity to do some seminars with Hitkitsuchi Sensei and Kato Sensei. There are similarities, in the perfect blending, timing, anticipation, complete control of balance. I think the students of O Sensei were like blind men with the elephant, each took what they could, given their own body, personality, history and spirit. Some took the explosiveness
    and the hopping and power like Gozo Shioda (also small in stature), some codified it into an organized system like Kissomaru Ueshiba,
    who got the smoothness and blending, some figured out their own explanations like Koichi Tohei or Saito. A very few seemed to intuitively be able to get the
    essence like Yamaguchi Sensei, Hikitsuchi and Kato. These were the real geniuses. The same happens with their students; each gets a part, and of course there is some cross-influence through seminars and now videos.

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