Sensei Pascal Guillemin – extremely dynamic, precise and powerful aikido

Enjoy the video clip from the latest aikido seminar organized by Shin Dojo Aikido Club with Sensei Pascal Guillemin as the host. Almost 100 aikido students came to Poznan in Feb 2020 to practice aikido with one of the most recognizable assistants of Shihan Christian Tissier. It was an extremely dynamic and energetic set of classes with a lot of valuable info, hints, and remarks from Sensei Guillemin.

Thanks fly to all participants for joining us on the tatami and making the unique atmosphere while practicing!

We are looking forward to seeing you next year! :-).

PS. Want to know how to practice aikido while staying at home? Check out this video with many practical tips:

Feel free to watch another video clips from Shin Dojo:

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  1. This stuff doesn’t work in a real situation. Sorry! No resistance and cooperated uke. No one is going to just stand there and not fight back, let alone a trained fighter or belligerent drunk.

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