So Aikido CAN'T Work Rokas? LIVE Real vs Jiu-Jitsu & Bar fight Footage What these two Fighters? MMA

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  1. Ability to be focus under stress and pressure it's a key 🔑 then even origami will work with you. Martial art school supposed to teach mental toughness and grit first , regardless of style, but in smart way.

  2. I have a Shodan in Aikido, Nidan in Judo, and blue in JJ. Aikido has its place, and is a beautiful martial art. The first four major wrist/arm locks are effective from a grab performed flawlessly, yet even he doesn’t rely on it solely in in these scenarios. It’s almost completely disappeared from my training.
    This being said, an Aikido wrist lock in a street situation is an automatic break. As all martial arts they have effectiveness. I would never rely on it as my sole opportunity to escape a situation.

  3. I think the main problem is that the majority of Aikido schools do not let their students spar in a way where they are fully resisting each other. There's always a willing uke who is going along with their partner's attack rather than actually trying to resist. Fine for drilling, but not great when learning how to apply what you've learned in a self-defense situation.

  4. I have a nidan in aikido and studied for about 20 years. Studied a lot of other stuff too, but what people just cannot wrap their minds around for some damn reason is that 1. it's the vicious intent of the fighter that counts 2. aikido 's roots ARE jujitsu. People these days think that jujitsu was invented in Brazil (sarcasm).

  5. I remember learning this wrist-lock in MMA as a legit technique, and it seems it actually is legit. I have never managed to pull it off, as I have only been training in MMA for 2.5 years now, and it seems that it requires you to be at least an adept fighter in order to prove useful. This video proves it. Aikido may not be useful as a martial art, but at least this particular wrist-lock seems to actually work if the fighter has experience in other, more effective martial arts (I suppose BJJ is the main factor that allows someone to pull this off).
    The Wolfman asks "what is wrong with Aikido?". There is nothing wrong with SOME Aikido TECHNIQUES, as long as the practitioner has MMA/BJJ training, and has learned how to control stress during combat, measuring distance, and legit grappling and submissions. But someone who ONLY practices Aikido, the way almost every school teaches it (no sparring or pressure testing) will get his ass beat by the average Joe, and if not, they won't win the fight by using Aikido, but rather by throwing haymakers and sloppy takedowns.

  6. It's too funny to see this on YouTube. My now 19 year old son still tells the story about 8 years ago when I was at the BJJ academy he was training at. I had been training BJJ for a short time as well, but was still a white belt. Let's just say that fact was a bit misleading to the purple belt who was helping teach the kids class that day. After the class, while he was distracted getting ready for the adult class, I was showing the kids a standing wrist lock that I happened to have learned in several martial arts, including Aikido and because I had found them extremely useful had mastered them. He brusquely approached and informed me and the children that "That bullsh*t doesn't work, especially on a trained fighter!" I suggested that it had worked many times for me and to my surprise he reached out and gripped the lapel of my gi. I will never know what his intent was but, as my son loves to tell everyone: "The next thing you know, Daddy flipped him on his head, by his wrist!" Ironically, it was rougher than it had to be, exactly because he had said that I couldn't do it, so I didn't go easy. Not because I wanted to be mean, but because I was concerned that he might be able to counter it somehow. Nope. Now, he got his chance to roll with me a few weeks later and I assure you that he was a far better grappler than I was. I still managed to catch people in wrist locks while rolling from time to time, but I usually saved that for free rolling on Friday, after working on bad positions. I have utilized techniques from Aikido quite a few times over the years and have always been glad that I trained in it. I didn't stay for the same reason I didn't stick with most martial arts: They seemed to be more religion than a practical way to learn to fight.

  7. I worked for quite a few years as a bouncer in an Asian Nightclub with another bouncer who held an advanced degree in Aikido. It was a tough club and I saw him toss many a wanna be Bruce Lee like a salad. It's not the style, it's the practitioner and the training that matters.

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